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Senator Dan Sullivan: Update on Legislation to Protect Health Freedom & How You Can Get Involved

Senator Dan Sullivan joins Conduit News to discuss what will happen when the State Legislature reconvenes Wednesday, Sept. 29.

“It’s about each individual making decisions for them and their families. I am hearing just as much anxiety and frustration with the administration and some businesses all over the state. We are coming back from recess because we haven’t adjourned from original session. Some are concerned that we can’t bring these bills up, or there could be problems if we bring up other legislation that’s not specific to the language we recessed under. The problem is if we don’t do something immediately, these Oct. 1 deadlines will kick in. Some will say wait until after the recess is over and bring it up in Special Session. The problem with that is it takes a 2/3 majority vote and I doubt we’ll get that. What about all the people that lose their jobs October 1? I just don’t think we can wait.”

Senator Sullivan encourages everyone to attend the Rally for Medical Freedom happening Wednesday, the 29th, at 12pm — “It always impacts legislators when they see voters engaged.”




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