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Governor Against Leftist Policy or Just BS?

Governor Asa Hutchinson congratulated Virginia’s Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin and then he said something that made our heads turn. Hutchinson added:

What we are seeing in the Commonwealth tonight is a sign of the future with a rebuke of leftist education policies & a candidate talking about issues that make a difference in our lives.

Asa’s statement struck us as being quite significant. In his nearly seven years as Governor, he has not been known for leading any fight against leftist policy. He has been more of a boat anchor protecting the left from the legislature. Sometimes he has held the legislature back in their fight against leftist policy and sometimes the winds have been too strong and he has been dragged along by the more conservative legislature. And sometimes he has tried to split the baby by not signing conservative policy and just letting it become law without his signature, and then going on liberal talk shows lamenting the legislation passed by Arkansas conservatives.

So, the question is: Has Younkin’s election emboldened Governor Hutchinson to get onboard with fighting back against leftist policies that are destroying this country or did the Governor only say what Arkansans’ wanted to hear? Will he do something or is this yet another example of his carefully crafted but meaningless words?

We will just have to wait and see whether he is ready to lead or remains a boat anchor protecting the far left from conservatives. But we will not have to wait long.

HERE IS HOW YOU WILL KNOW WHICH IT IS. Governor Hutchinson is calling a special session of the Arkansas legislature after Thanksgiving. If he is ready to fight leftist education policies, then he will include conservative education laws in his special session, otherwise, his statement has merely been more carefully crafted meaningless words.

One important education topic Senator Trent Garner and others want to bring up is the left’s teaching of Critical Race Theory, which in itself is racist and divisive. Asa cannot help but see the public outrage from this leftist policy. Will he act or just watch the wind blow?

The special session will soon be here. Will Governor Hutchinson put up, shut up, or just continue to use carefully crafted words while continuing to be a boat anchor protecting the far left?

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