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PCSSD Lifts Mask Mandate Following Petition by Parents

Tuesday night, The Pulaski County Special School Board voted in favor of making masks optional. According to the board, the decision will be effective immediately.

This 4-3 vote, which happened prior to the regular monthly Board of Education meeting, was the result of PCSSD parents petitioning the school board for a special meeting to consider the reversal of a mask mandate.

A few weeks ago, we interviewed one of the parents who launched the petition, Bekah Davis. Conduit News caught up with her following the vote, and she says this was a huge win for freedom and parental rights.

“We are overjoyed that the Pulaski County Special School District listened to the science and to the parents of PCSSD. Never again will the parents of PCSSD sit back and let the district make health decisions for their children. The mask’s should have always been optional.”

While many school districts are lifting their mask mandates, several districts around the state still mask students. If you would like to learn more about how you can petition your school board as well as download our petition template, click here.

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