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We are continuing our series on campaign words by looking at the words, “I’ll work for common sense solutions.”

When a politician sends the message, he will do business differently by working for common sense solutions, it sounds appealing. It is appealing because we have seen too many crazy laws passed by liberals that make no sense and it would be nice if the politicians would start using a little common sense.

The problem is everyone thinks their solutions are common sense solutions, even the crazy socialists and Marxists think that.

When a politician tells you I will use common sense solutions, the words have no meaning. That doesn’t mean the politician is bad but the politician has used campaign words that do not provide any useful information and words that can sometimes mislead voters into thinking the politician has the same views the voters have.

For example, remember that the people who are trying to take away your Second Amendment Right to keep and bear arms also call their restrictions “common sense solutions.” They think it is common sense for you to be defenseless while the elite have their armed security personnel.

When a law is proposed as a common sense law it is merely a tool to deflect criticism. After all, how would you dare disagree with something based on the politician’s view of common sense?

A politician’s idea of a common sense solution may be something the politician believes will help individuals or it may be skewed to advance the point of view of big corporations. It may be intended to advance the views of the woke left or the conservative right. It may be for big government solutions or for smaller government. It may protect the constitution or redefine the constitution. It could be anything.

When a politician says “I’ll work for common sense solutions” respectfully tell the politician those words have no meaning because even wild-eyed liberals think their solutions are common sense solutions. And, then tell the politician you would like to hear more on their ideas, asking the politician to please give specifics on what measures they will support and oppose.

It is not hard to ask for clarification. Most, if not all, candidates have social media accounts and email. We have found many politicians are happy to have an opportunity to clarify their positions. When you ask, please be respectful and tell the candidate where you live so the candidate will know you live in the candidate’s district.

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