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What Was Gained by COVID Vaccine Mandates?

Corporate vaccine mandates made workers choose to either take the COVID-19 vaccine (three vaccines and counting) or lose their jobs with “no” unemployment benefits.

The corporate mandates put many good workers in a difficult position. Although workers didn’t want their lives disrupted by losing their jobs or careers, some refused to be vaccinated because of the risk of life-threatening side effects, unknown risks of possible long-term side effects, or sincerely held religious beliefs. The choice was especially difficult for pregnant women and women of childbearing age who feared risks to unborn children by submitting to the vaccines.

Mandate supporters would like to portray the workers who refused the vaccines as ignorant people.  But in many instances, those saying “no” were highly educated health professionals.

Corporate mandates moved forward despite the vaccines not being able to stop vaccinated people from getting COVID and not being able to keep vaccinated people from transmitting COVID to both other vaccinated people and unvaccinated people.  Corporate mandates didn’t care if the unvaccinated worker had possibly superior resistance to the virus through natural antibodies from having had the virus.

Many workers who claimed legitimate medical or religious exemptions were also forced out by draconian workplace requirements, rejected claims, or by being put on unpaid leave until they would just quit.

Some who refused the vaccine regretted their decision too late. On the other hand, some who took the vaccine and suffered debilitating or life-threatening side effects, or no side effects so far, also regret their decision.

The corporate mandates did not produce a recognizable health benefit. So, what was gained by the corporate vaccine mandates?

  1. It gave a false sense of security to extremely frightened vaccinated people.
  2. It let corporations demonstrate they have control over the lives of employees, even if facts do not back up the corporations’ claims (setting the stage for possible intrusions into other areas of workers’ lives.)
  3. It let some big corporations demonstrate their control over the Governor and state legislature, as:
    • The Governor’s COVID czar worked with the State Chamber to write the blueprint used to fire unvaccinated workers; and his Work Force Services disallows unemployment benefits to fired workers refusing the vax; and
    • They stopped legislation intended to protect unvaccinated workers from termination and ensured the only legislation passed had loopholes to let employers continue to terminate unvaccinated workers.

What was accomplished?  Nothing, other than destroying the lives and careers of some unvaccinated workers.  We will see how this plays out in the new corporate culture.

Always thankful we know how the story ends.

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