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A “Conduit Candidate”? – Campaign Words Pt. 10

This time we are focused on the campaign words “You’re a Conduit Candidate.” This is a new phenomenon used to attack conservative candidates. It reveals a lot about the person saying it.

It has been used to even describe a candidate who is in no way supported or endorsed by Conduit. Perhaps the candidate was interviewed on Conduit News or Conduit News highlighted the candidate’s conservative voting record. It can even be a candidate who has never been mentioned by Conduit but who follows the Republican platform, much to the chagrin of the accuser.

We are noticing that the term is being used as a negative hit mostly from big government campaigns or those supported by Common Ground (a Democrat member organization running RINOs in the Republican primary) to refer to conservative candidates who dare agree with the principles and platform of the Republican Party of Arkansas.

Conduit is not affiliated with the Republican party. We just think Arkansans would be a lot better off and have more freedom if Republicans would actually follow their own party’s principles and platform.

We also speak out on some conservative issues that have not yet been addressed by the Republican platform, for example, Conduit’s opposition to the racist indoctrination through Critical Race Theory and our opposition to gender altering procedures on children.

Unfortunately, quite a few Republican politicians in Arkansas ignore the principles and platform because they depend on financial support from big special interests who want a bigger slice of the government pie.  Some ignore the platform to gain financial backing from big “Woke Capital” players such as Walmart and the State Chamber of Commerce (both having fought the Arkansas legislation passed in 2021 to protect children from gender altering procedures and drugs.)

We think it is funny that campaign managers of big government candidates can’t attack conservative candidates on the issues (since their own mailers pretend they agree with the Republian platform).  So they have to resort to vague conservative sounding catchphrases and labels like “Conduit candidate” or “Trump Republican” or “Crazy” against true conservative candidates for not falling in line with woke capital (big third generation run corporations.)

Unlike the big corporations who want a bigger slice of taxpayer dollars or those who want to force liberal ideology down the throats of Arkansans, Conduit’s emphasis is promoting limited government and lower taxes to produce economic growth and freedom.  Only when this is achieved, do we get social freedom.  The founders of Conduit have never sought any special favor or benefit from Arkansas government. What Conduit wants is for all Arkansans to benefit from an Arkansas government that is based on the conservative principles Republicans also claim to embrace.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Ask plenty of questions of candidates. Don’t accept vague campaign statements. Demand specifics.

If the candidate is a sitting legislator, find out how the candidate really voted by checking their voting record and supporters in the CFC  Arkansas Legislative Scorecard 2021 and in the CFC Follow The Money Report. Conduit isn’t afraid to show the actual voting records of politicians and who supports them with money.  For example, if an incumbent brags on passing an income tax cut plan in late 2021 but also voted for big tax increases in 2019, we are going to say so. Sorry if the truth hurts…. Not sorry.

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