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Choosing a Candidate When They All Use the Same Buzzwords

Most Arkansas Republican candidates have campaign literature saying something like “Christian – Conservative – Family.” Yet they will not vote the same way even on issues like abortion, chemical castration of children for gender identity, allowing radical left indoctrination in schools, mask mandates, vaccine mandates, growing government, and choosing between cutting taxes or giving away more money to big corporations.

Even if a candidate is also a minister, that doesn’t guarantee which way the candidate would vote on abortion or gender identity procedures on children, or any of the other issues.

So how do you tell the candidates apart? You need more than buzzwords. You need CLEAR answers to specific questions. But many candidates avoid being specific because they think more people will vote for them if they stick to vague statements.

The absolute best indicator of future action is past action.

A proven voting record consistent with the Republican platform is the gold standard. Have the candidate’s actions or votes been consistent with the platform of the Republican Party of Arkansas?

The most detailed record of past action is the voting record of candidates who are in or have been in either the Arkansas Senate or Arkansas House of Representatives. If a candidate or candidates have a solid voting record – vote for one of them. If a candidate has a weak voting record look to the other candidates.

We know you do not have time to search through piles of legislation to find how candidates voted. But you don’t have to do that. Conduit for Commerce has been showing you votes of legislators on important issues for several years. Skimming though the report cards is quick and easy. Check out how the candidates voted on key issues. Here are links to the Conduit for Commerce Scorecards for 2021, 2019, and 2017. The 2019 scorecard is where you will see lots of tax increases.


Be aware the left-wing group Common Ground, aided by WOKE corporations (along with the State Chamber of Commerce which has also gone WOKE), recruited candidates to run as Republicans. Common Ground candidates also use the buzzwords people like to hear but they don’t want to be tied to the ideas of the Republican platform.

Common Ground is encouraging Democrats to vote in the Republican primary. They know Democrat votes in the Republican primary could swing the race to their progressive big government candidates.

When one or more candidates have a strong record consistent with the Republican platform and are being challenged by someone with a no record, be cautious. Why are they challenging candidates with strong conservative records? Are they just hiding behind the buzzwords to cover for being progressive or pro big government?

When it comes to who is the conservative in the race – KNOW. DON’T GUESS.

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