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Rep. Gayla H. McKenzie on Senate Race for District 35

Representative Gayla McKenzie (R – Gravette) is a member of the Arkansas House of Representatives and is a conservative who keeps her promises.

Conduit For Commerce examined the voting records of all 100 members of the House of Representatives using our Economic Freedom Filter. McKenzie scored the highest of any Representative and she was named Legislator of the Year by Conduit for Commerce for 2021.

It is not just her voting record that is impressive. She also impressed us for her willingness to fight against special interests and for fairness. Representative McKenzie is running in the Republican primary for SENATE DISTRICT 35. With her outstanding voting record and her willingness to fight the establishment in her own party, is it any wonder she faces opposition from the corporate funded establishment?

“Whether it’s in education or across the board, we [legislators] have to take the stand. We need people who will not sit on the bench, ride the fence, but stand up no matter the cost whether that’s trying to defeat bad legislation, or when it’s a good bill, get it across the finish line — are you going to stand up and work even if it means it may hurt your re-election prospects?”

Hear from Representative McKenzie as she talks about her senate race, the issue of gerrymandering, taking a stand against big businesses, and yes – even her family name and political ties.

Learn more about Rep. McKenzie’s record by reading our recent article, “Rep. Gayla McKenzie — Platform Hero Series.” 

To read and download the Arkansas Legislative Scorecard 2021, CLICK HERE.

Follow Rep. McKenzie and get involved in her campaign by visiting her Facebook page here.

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