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Is Steve Crowell the Democrats Choice in Republican Primary?

State Senator Charles Beckham, who is running for reelection in Senate District 3, claimed his opponent, Steve Crowell of Magnolia, is being supported by Democrat Bruce Maloch, (Maloch is especially known for his many votes for higher taxes and was defeated by Beckham in 2020.) Beckham’s claim of Democrat interference in the Republican primary is based in part on Bruce Maloch being the agent for two political action committees that made donations to Crowell’s campaign.

Maloch says he is not responsible for deciding who gets donations in senate races.

Yet, the fact is Maloch (a Democrat) is a member of an organization specifically formed to interfere with the Republican Party. Maloch along with Senator Jim Hendren (Independent) and three other former legislators formed the group “A Call for American Renewal” which has the goal of “pushing for the Republican Party to rededicate itself to founding ideals – or hasten the creation of an alternative.[i] So, you need a Democrat to reeducate the Republican Party. “Isn’t that special,” as the church lady would say.

Speaking of interfering with the Republican Party, you may have recognized the name of Senator Jim Hendren. He is a founding board member of the left-wing organization, Common Ground Arkansas, which is trying to defeat strong conservative Republicans by recruiting and supporting less conservative candidates. To further its goal, Common Ground has encouraged Democrats to cross over and vote in the Republican primary.

If you are not familiar with who is behind Common Ground Arkansas see a profile of its director and board members in Common Ground AR – The left’s effort to elect RINOS.

Senator Charles Beckham is one of the prime targets because of his strong conservative voting record. (See SEN. CHARLES BECKHAM – Platform Hero Series)

Maloch (a Democrat) certainly showed his true intent by joining an organization with the goal of interfering with what it means to be a Republican, But, whether Maloch is openly or overtly supporting Steve Crowell is not the point. The main point is the left through the organizations of Common Ground Arkansas and A Call for American Renewal are trying to make the Republican Party less conservative, more willing to tax-and-spend, and more willing to accept the agenda of WOKE corporations. That is why Beckham is targeted by the left.

Yes, Democrats are interfering in Republican Primary races around the state. The question is whether you will inform your friends and cast your vote to counteract the left.

Early voting has begun. Republican Primary May 24.


[i] Sen. Hendren, four ex-legislators sign on to new ‘Call for America Renewal’, Talk Business & Politics May 15, 2021

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