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AR Senator Discusses Ethics Complaint Filed Against Common Ground AR

Arkansas State Senator Trent Garner filed an ethics complaint against the special interest group, Common Ground Arkansas. Garner says Common Ground has “violated Arkansas election law by engaging in expressed advocacy for the election of candidates without disclosing their donors.”

“While they claim to be a nonpartisan group putting people over politics, what they really are is a dark money special interest group who are putting the politics of Little Rock over the people of our state as a whole. I think they’re too scared and too afraid to actually list who’s funding them because they know that once the people know who’s funding the group, they’ll be held accountable and they’re terrified of that.” — Garner

Read the entire ethics complaint:

Listen to the political ad on a radio in support of a political candidate for the General Assembly. The ad, paid for by Common Ground Arkansas, the nonprofit corporation says directly they “support” the candidate, Peter Christie. (political candidate for Arkansas State Senate District 34)

Conduit News has reported that much of the left-wing effort to sabotage the Republican primary is centered on the work of Common Ground Arkansas, Inc.  Common Ground has recruited its candidates to run as Republicans and now is encouraging Democrats to vote in the Republican primary. 

Common Ground knows Democrat votes in the Republican primary could swing races to their progressive big government candidates. (Also see article: “Common Ground AR – The left’s effort to elect RINOS”) (Common Ground’s reasoning is to replace the conservative R’s with RINOs to keep Arkansas in the hands of the current Establishment and stop the conservatives from preventing the “WOKE” agenda sought by the large corporations across the state.)

No matter their rhetoric, the actions of those involved with Common Ground AR show that the true nature and purpose of Common Ground is to rid Arkansas of its current hope and opportunity for economic freedom and individual liberties.

Common Ground has become more open about who their candidates are in the Republican Primary. They are seeking to defeat candidates who are actually conservative. For example, in an ad Common Ground Arkansas voiced its support for three candidates in northwest Arkansas:

  • Jim Tull who is running against Representative Joshua Bryant in Senate District 32.
  • Pete Christie who is running against Representative Jim Dotson in Senate District 34.
  • Andrew Thompson who is running against Representative Clint Penzo in Senate District 31.

Tull, Christie, and Thompson are being supported by Common Ground BECAUSE Rep. Bryant, Rep. Dotson, and Rep. Penzo all have strong conservative records. (Click on the Representatives names to see highlights from the voting record standing up for conservative values.)

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