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REP. JOSHUA BRYANT Platform Hero Series

Representative Joshua Bryant (R-Rogers) is a member of the Arkansas House of Representatives and is a conservative who keeps his promises. We call him a “Platform Hero” because of his outstanding record of voting with the principles and platform of the Republican Party of Arkansas.

Re. Joshua Bryant (R-Rogers)

First we look at highlights from his voting record, and then we show how well he scored based on the Economic Freedom Filter of Conduit For Commerce.


Abortion / Pro-Life

  • Voted to ban all abortions in Arkansas except to save the life of the mother – SB6 of 2021
  • Voted for informed consent process for chemical abortions – HB1572 of 2021
  • Voted to prohibit government schools from entering into transactions with abortion providers – HB1592 of 2021
  • Voted to require any clinic that performs an abortion to be licensed as an abortion facility and prohibits hospitals to perform an abortion except to save the life of the mother – SB388 of 2021
  • Voted to increase inspections at abortion facilities and require abortionists to report crimes for when a woman is a victim of rape or incest – SB463 of 2021


  • Voted to prevent chemical castration and sex changes of minor children – HB1570 of 2021

Protecting Our Rights

  • Voted to protect churches and religious groups from being forced to shut down by the government during an emergency government order and recognizes them as essential – HB1211 of 2021
  • Voted against denial of free speech in judicial elections – HB1899 of 2021
  • Voted to protect the constitution against federal overreach – SB298 of 2021
  • Voted to protect the rights of conscience for healthcare workers – SB289 of 2021
  • Voted to allow a constitutional amendment to protect a person’s religious freedom – SJR14 of 2021

Fairness in Sports

  • Voted to protect women’s sports to ban boys from playing against girls – SB354 of 2021


  • Voted to prohibit vaccine mandates in Arkansas – SB615 of 2021
  • Voted for legislative oversight over emergency declarations – SB379 of 2021
  • Voted to return COVID-19 fines to Arkansas businesses – SB301 of 2021
  • Voted to allow patients in hospitals, nursing homes, and similar facilities to be allowed visitors during a pandemic or similar emergency – HB1061 of 2021


  • Voted for election integrity in provisional ballots – HB1112 of 2021
  • Voted for special election reform to prevent tax increases at special elections – HB1368 of 2021


  • Voted for school choice scholarships for children – HB1371 of 2021; SB680 of 2021


  • Voted for income tax cuts – SB1 of 2021 (2nd Special Session)
  • Voted for reduced sales tax on used cars – HB1912 of 2021; HB1160 of 2021
  • Voted to cut the sales tax on sale of used cars – HB1912 of 2021


  • Voted for expanded telemedicine use – HB1068 of 2021
  • Voted for expansion of telemedicine to phone calls – HB1063 of 2021
  • Voted for full practice authority for nurse midwives – HB1215 of 2021
  • Voted for APRNs as primary care provider in Medicaid – HB1254 of 2021
  • Voted for work from home freedom – HB1416 of 2021
  • Voted against new regulations and fees on ride sharing apps at airports – SB686 of 2021
  • Voted for the food freedom act – SB248 of 2021


  • Voted to protect private information of nonprofit organizations – SB535 of 2021

Other Important Legislation

  • Voted to prohibit fraud in unemployment insurance – HB1765 of 2021
  • Voted to promote working for food stamps recipients – HB1512 of 2021
  • Voted to index unemployment benefits to economic conditions – HB1676 of 2021


Conduit for Commerce scores the votes of legislators based on Conduit’s Economic Freedom Filter.  The Economic Freedom Filter analyzes bills that do the following:

  • Increase or decrease the size and scope of government
  • Increase or decrease dependency on government
  • Spend money we do not have
  • Increase or decrease transparency in government
Joshua Bryant Voting Record – Conduit for Commerce Scorecard History
Session Score Rank Awards
2021 89% 3/100 Conduit for Commerce
Calvin Coolidge Hero of Freedom Award Winner

To read and download the Arkansas Legislative Scorecard 2021, CLICK HERE.


The Republican primary is May 24, 2022, and early voting begins May 9.

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