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Ep. 2:  Public Charter Schools

Dr. Patrick Wolf, Distinguished Professor of Education Policy at the University of Arkansas and an expert on school choice, explains public charter schools in Arkansas.

A breakdown of School Choice in Arkansas:

Inter-district Public School Choice – 20,000 students or 4% of enrollments

Magnet Schools – `15,000 students in 23 schools or 3% of enrollments

Public Charter Schools – 42,000 in 84 schools, just over 8% of enrollments

Homeschooling – 20,000 students or 4% of enrollments pre-pandemic but certainly higher now

Private School Choice:

Fee-paying: 20,000 or 4% of enrollments

Succeed Scholarship Program 630 students

Philanthropic Invest in Kids Act 400 students

Additional Resources:

Ace Scholarships,

*Video originally published January 17, 2020

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