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You LIE!!!

You LIE!!!

From time-to-time Conduit is attacked by someone claiming, “You LIE!!!” We get this despite providing lots of back up material demonstrating key points.

Usually, the person hasn’t actually read our article or didn’t bother to check the source material we provide through hyperlinks, footnotes, and imbedded copies of documents.

The latest chorus of “You LIE! “came when we pointed out that some influential supporters of Tyler Dees (campaign donations or endorsements) were also supporting drag shows at a Pride event that boasted a Children’s Zone. We included a copy of the advertisement for the event which listed the drag shows and showed Walmart and Tyson as sponsors. We linked to Dees’ campaign reports on the Arkansas Secretary of State website, and it shows donors who are either owners or leaders of the two corporations.

Yet some supporters of Dees refused to believe, preferring to shout, “You LIE!” without ever looking at source documents.

To further show a pattern of support for Dees by the WOKE left, we listed the endorsement of Dees by the State Chamber of Commerce which has gone WOKE to appease big WOKE corporations and has even joined a lawsuit trying to strike down a new state law to protect minors from being subjected to gender altering procedures such as chemical castration. In a previous article we footnoted Arkansas Democrat Gazette articles confirming the Chamber’s actions.[i] We also pointed out that Archie Shaffer III is a campaign donor to Tyler Dees and that among other things Shaffer is a board member of Arkansas Common Ground which has been trying to defeat strong conservative Republicans with RINOs.[ii]

No one gives a campaign donation or endorses a candidate who opposes their views, or at least the donor will give to the candidate who is less likely to oppose their views.


When shouts of “You LIE!” no longer worked, some Dees supporters fell back to the tactic of deflection by saying Dees’ opponent, Representative Gayla McKenzie, is probably taking money from Walmart and Tyson too.

Boy did that backfire on them. Representative McKenzie responded that in her first campaign a few of the Waltons donated to her but once she was elected to the legislature and they saw her conservative voting record they haven’t donated to her since and the Tysons have never donated to her.

Here is a portion of Rep. McKenzie’s reply:

I have taken some hard stands against many of the above groups [Walmart and Tyson] you question. I was resolute in trying to provide legislation to protect employees from termination for failure to receive the COVID 19 vaccine. I also fought against a number of bills that were favored by the groups/contributors in question. It is no surprise to anyone who has followed my brief legislative career that they did not attempt to contribute to me the last couple of years.

At our very first forum that was sponsored by the Benton County Republican Women and held in Siloam Springs, each candidate was asked about whether we were backed/supported/endorsed by big business, the state chamber of commerce or common ground. I believe (but am not positive) I have recalled the question fairly accurately. We were certainly put on notice, if someone didn’t already know, that these groups were red flags for conservatives. It was after that forum that Tyler accepted max contributions from the state chamber, several Walton family members, a contribution from Tyson and also an endorsement from the state chamber. He also accepted a contribution from a board member of common ground.

I have a pretty solid reputation as someone who is not beholden to big business. I also have a proven conservative record and am known to be someone who will speak up and take the hard stands.” — Rep. Gayla H. McKenzie


It is not just some Tyler Dees supporters who make claims against Conduit while wearing blinders. We have even been accused of lying about an incumbent’s vote on a bill despite having provided a hyperlink to the bill on the Arkansas General Assembly website showing the official record of how each legislator voted.

You may have had similar experiences to ours if you have talked to someone who only watches MSNBC and believes it didn’t happen unless MSNBC reported it.

The best we can do is to provide basic references in our articles. We can’t do anything about people choosing to ignore the record.

[i] Endorsed by Chamber of Commerce – Campaign Words Pt. 6

[ii] Common Ground AR – The left’s effort to elect RINOS

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