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Platform Changes Proposed by The Republican Party of Arkansas

The Republican Party of Arkansas sent out its proposed 2022 platform to local committees. The delegates to the state convention will vote on the new platform.

Their proposal was not sent out in markup format, which would have helped readers spot changes. That leaves delegates to compare the 2020 platform to the proposed 2022 platform by dragging out both documents and going line by line looking for additions and deletions.

Not showing the changes is unfortunate waste of time while delegates look for changes. It is also unfortunate the changes were not highlighted because most changes will be appreciated by delegates.


To aid Republicans we have prepared a markup version showing the difference between the 2020 platform and the 2022 platform. We want to emphasize the markup we prepared is NOT OFFICIAL so we still encourage you to compare the platforms for yourself. (Here is link to the markup we prepared.)


Most of the revisions are modest changes and the revisions do not address several relatively new hot button issues thrust upon us by the radical left.

When you look at the markup we prepared, you will see that many of changes proposed by the party are small corrections in the text or changes based on the drafters’ stylistic preferences. We will not address those in this summary, however, make sure to examine the markup along with the 2020 platform and the party’s proposed 2022 platform to make sure for yourself that there are not other platform changes that are important to you that we have not summarized here.


  1. Pray and worship added to the first principle of the party. The first principle of the party is “The power of faith in God Almighty,” The proposal adds “and one’s right to personal Prayer and collective WorshipSee markup lines 13 & 14
  2. Equal branches of government deleted. The tenth principle has been changed from “Separate and equal” branches of government to “Separate and independent.” See markup line 23.


  1. Socialism, communism, and Marxism. The party’s proposal adds: “We are against Socialism, Communism and Marxism and the inevitable decline and poverty each has caused in the world. See markup lines 52-54
  2. Individual initiative versus government control. This statement was added, Individual initiative and choice, rather than governmental control is the key to the success of a free market.” See markup lines 54-55


  1. Language on pandemics and emergencies. Language on business success despite the “global pandemic” has been revised to refer to “past catastrophes and pandemics.” See markup lines 101-108
  2. Economic growth. The proposal shifts the focus from “economic recovery” to “economic growth.” See markup line 124.


  1. Dependence on God: The proposal adds, “We acknowledge our dependence upon God Almighty and ask His blessings upon our students and their parents, our teachers, and this nation.” See markup lines 186 &187
  2. Right and responsibility of parents. The proposal adds, “We believe, it is the right and responsibility of Arkansas parents to direct their child’s education, without intrusive federal or state government overreach.” See markup lines 189 and 190.
  3. Acknowledges necessary role of educators. The proposal adds language acknowledging “the necessary role” educators “play in the education of our children.” See markup lines 192-193
  4. Education and economic growth. A statement on education and economic growth was moved from lines 195-197 to lines 210-212.
  5. Student/ parent focus. The proposal deletes a statement saying all decision are made with students and parents in mind on lines 199- 203 and added a statement saying educations should be more student focused on lines 226-227.
  6. Faith on campus. The proposal adds, “We believe that our students and school district employees have the First Amendment right to practice their faith on public campuses. Likewise, we support their right to pray during functions and their ability to form faith-based organizations while enrolled in public schools.” See markup 205-207
  7. Parents responsibility. The proposal deletes the following sentence: “Because students should be the first consideration, parents also have an important responsibility in the education of their children.” See markup lines 220-221.
  8. School of Choice. Concerning school choice, the 2020 platform awkwardly referred to a child as “its”. The proposal changes the reference to “his/her.” See markup line 222.
  9. School Choice dollars should follow the child. The proposal adds, “We also believe the student’s educational tax dollars should follow the student to his/her choice of educational procurement.” See markup lines 223 &224.
  10. US History, founding documents, critical thinking. The proposal adds that students should have access to instruction in, “United States history including our founding documents” and “critical thinking skills.” See markup lines 228 & 230/
  11. Notification before screening and before releasing child’s records. The proposal adds, “We support parents’ or legal guardians’ right of prior notification and consent before any type of screening begins and before access to their child’s educational and medical records or assessments are released.” See markup lines 237-239.
  12. Discipline statement revised. The proposal deleted the statement “Discipline must be enforced in our schools” and substituted a new discipline statement saying, the safety of students, staff and buildings “is our highest priority; therefore, discipline must be enforced in our schools.” See markup lines 244-246.


It is common for delegates to offer amendments to a proposed platform when debating adoption of the new platform. We do not know if delegates will propose any amendments but be aware of that possibility. The platform will be debated and adopted at the state convention held on July 23, 2022 in Little Rock.

In a follow up article to this one, we will list some issues the party’s proposed platform does not address, several of which have become hot button issues thrust upon Arkansans by the radical left.


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