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Stopping the Radical Left While Improving Education

Across the country and even in some schools in Arkansas, parents and guardians are having to deal with the reality that their school district or individual teachers in the school are pushing a radical left agenda. Such indoctrination may include: (1) the sexualization of their children through explicit sexual material, (2) pushing gender identity and encouraging children to make serious choices about gender identity and a transgender lifestyle, (3) teaching children to hate our founding documents as supposedly being systemically racist, and (4) teaching that one race is always the oppressor and another race is always the victim.

In some places parents are fighting back, demanding their schools stop the indoctrination and get back to the fundamentals of education. In some states, parents and guardians have pushed their legislatures to fight back for them to protect the children. Both local and statewide action will be necessary in Arkansas to keep from losing a generation to the distortions of the radical left.

There is one more thing some states are doing and it is absolutely necessary. School Choice.


School choice is the ability to put your child in the best school possible. That may be the public school where you live, a charter school, a public school located in a different district, a private school, homeschool, a combination of homeschool and a part-time group learning program, etc.

For a lucky few, Arkansas provides some school choices. A limited number of students are allowed to transfer to a public school outside the student’s home. A very few are able to get scholarships to attend a private school. Charter schools are only an option in a few places and are available to only the lucky few.

For most families school choice options are limited by how much money a family can spend on the education of their children. School choice is often dependent on whether the family can afford to move to a house in another district, pay private tuition, or forgo income to stay home to teach their children.

It is not really school choice unless every family, regardless of income, has a viable option to move their children to a different school, public or private.

That is what states like Arizona are trying to accomplish with recent school choice legislation. Every family should have education choices that won’t break them financially.

The elites in education will fight parents every step of the way until every family has the option to say, “Our children are going elsewhere.”


If every family had viable school choice options it would clip the wings of the radical leftists because families would walk away and choose another school. But that is only one of many reasons for school choice.

  1. Your public school doesn’t offer the courses your child needs. School choice
  2. Your public school is required to teach using ridiculous teaching methods, such as when the state required common core math so the state would qualify for more federal grant money. School choice
  3. Your child would do better in a smaller school with smaller classes. School choice
  4. Your child is being bullied, and the school fails to stop it. School choice
  5. The school fails to provide enough discipline for the classroom to remain a good learning environment. School choice
  6. Your child is saddled with one of a few bad teachers. School choice
  7. Your public school treats voters and even parents and guardians as a nuisance or even as the enemy. School Choice
  8. The school or some teachers in the school adopt the racist theory, Critical Race Theory, or a variant which teaches your child to hate our government and founding documents and that all people of one race are victims and all people of another race should feel guilty because they are inherently oppressors. School choice
  9. Your school is exposing your child to explicit sexual materials. School choice
  10. Your school is pushing your child to consider life style changes or radical medical procedures to identify as a person of a different sex. School choice
  11. You are a teacher and the teaching environment is so bad in the school you are considering leaving the teaching profession. School choice


In recent weeks we have heard from teachers who are heartsick about their schools’ leftist bent, the poor treatment of teachers who are conservative, and school policies that have lead to a poor environment for both teachers and students. School choice should also be about providing alternate teaching opportunities for teachers who are so disgusted with the public school system that they are considering leaving the profession.

If school choice became a reality for all families, then alternative schools must grow and the ability of teachers to choose a better teaching environment for them will also grow.  With real school choice, public schools must start listening to families and teachers about how to improve education.


Protecting the children means standing up against the radical left influence in your school district and supporting Arkansas legislators who are trying to stop it. But the most important step in both protecting the children and improving education is to support school choice for every family in Arkansas.

Will you be a part of the solution?

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