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AR Attorney Discusses Child Support Case Involving Hunter Biden

Hunter Biden recently filed a motion in Independence County, Arkansas, claiming that his financial situation has changed and he can no longer afford the child support payments made to the mother of his 4-year-old daughter, Lunden Roberts. Biden and his legal team have asked the judge to consider lowering the payments.

Clint Lancaster, Roberts’ attorney, says in his first on-camera interview that his primary goal is to ensure his client and her child are treated fairly and that they receive what they are due.

“This little girl needs the support of her father. Her siblings and her family live a privileged life. There’s no reason why this little girl shouldn’t either… I would love to see Hunter Biden take full responsibility and parent this child. This is a beautiful little girl that looks like her mom and her dad. As I tell everybody, ‘it might be mom’s fault. It might be dad’s fault, but it is absolutely not this kid’s fault.'”

Lancaster says he will bring his forensic accountants his deposition of Hunter Biden.


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