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The Trans-Republican

The Trans-Republican
By Joe Maynard

One who begins and is elected by claiming adherence to the R principles but transitions to the singular “big government if I am in charge” party while retaining the label of a Republican or Independent.

Too many in today’s elected positions gain that position using lofty words, generalities, and quotes of others to convey and claim popular characteristics about themselves to win elected office. Once in office, many transition to the “pragmatic” nature of club membership. They find that what they conveyed to the voter in principle is either not something that they can do or that, if pushed, will ostracize them from the herd. Their re-election becomes their primary driving concern and rationalizing their inability or unwillingness to persuade or even just hold their position becomes a distant secondary concern. Principles espoused in the past become a hurdle to reconcile with most of their supporters. They find new friends that are alike to their changed mind and offer excuses for their inability to stand on those past principles. At that point, some try to soften the written principles or make them so vague that any action on their part can fall within the new description. Others just say they need more likeminded people to be elected.

Republicans have a list of traditional principles and even a platform as their common reference to their supporters and voters. When a person elected as a Republican works and votes, in the shadows or in plain view, to undermine these principles or to enact the opposite government policy or law, they have clearly abandoned the principle they offered to the voters. Others seem to do just enough to defend some of the principles, but in combined effect of their being in office, accomplish the exact opposite. As their tenure stretches on, these actions become more and more clear to those interested in the implementation of the principles they believe in and that compel them to help elect Republicans.

These are not Rino’s, but rather Trans-Republicans!

trans- prefix
Definition of trans- (Entry 3 of 3)
1on or to the other side of across beyond. 

The election is Tuesday, November 8, 2022. The choice is not between Republicans versus Trans-Republicans.  Instead, it is Republicans (or Trans-Republicans) versus Democrats. Democrats are by far the worst choice for conservatives.

After the election you have more work to do. Constantly remind winners who ran as Republicans you expect them to follow the conservative principles of the Republican Party. Make sure the winners know you are keeping up with what they are doing and will have no tolerance in 2023 for Trans-Republicans.

The Republican Party is the majority party in Arkansas. If the elected Republicans will stick to the party platform, much can be accomplished for the citizens of this state.

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