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School Choice Myths Debunked: Does School Choice Destroy Public Schools in Rural Areas?

Dr. Patrick Wolf joins Conduit News to debunk another popular myth repeated often from opponents of school choice.

“It starts with that myth that there are no private schools in rural areas. The Brookings Institution did a national study in 2017. They found that 69% of families who live in rural communities are within 10 miles of a private school. Ten miles is easy commuting distance, especially when you live out in the sticks like I do. So, the overwhelming majority of families in rural areas do have access to private schools. So that myth is is totally debunked by the facts.

The other thing that happens when school choice programs are launched statewide is more private schools spring up because there’s a greater opportunity to serve students. When you increase the demand for school choice by making it more feasible to more families, supply emerges to meet that demand. It’s just straight economics.” — Dr. Patrick Wolf

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