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2024 RPA State Convention Business: Part III—Rejected Resolution—Will IT be Heard?

2024 RPA State Convention Business: 

Part III—Rejected ResolutionWill IT be Heard? 

This the last article in a three-part series regarding what the leadership of the Republican Party of Arkansas currently says they will not allow to be heard, discussed, and voted on at the biennial State Convention on Saturday, June 8, 2024, in Rogers, Arkansas.  

As previously mentioned, the State Convention is made up of delegates selected by all County Committees across the state and is recognized by RPA Rules as the “final authority in all party matters.”   

According to the RPA rules (and Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised), during the biennial Republican State Convention, delegates are to discuss, amend, and vote on (among other things) platform changes as well as resolutions.   

Part I in this series focuses on those three timely submitted Platform Changes which the Platform/Resolutions Committee did not recommend, and the State Party Chair says will not be allowed to be heard by the delegates to the State Convention(Link to Part I: click here.)  

Part II focuses on all seven timely submitted Rules Changes, none of which the Rules Committee recommended and all of which the Rules Committee Chair says are not to be heard by the delegates to the State Convention (Link to Part II: click here.)  

This Part III draws your attention to the sole Resolution which was likewise timely submitted and rejected by the Platform and Resolutions Committee.  The members submitting the resolution have been advised by the State Party leadership that it is also not to be heard by the delegates to the State Convention since it is not recommended by the Platform and Resolution Committee.   


Part II of this series reminded readers that during the recent State Committee meeting of May 18, 2024, a ‘rules change’ recommended by the Rules Committee was heard and defeated. Had this ‘rules change’ passed, it would have raised the vote threshold for any changes to the Platform, Resolutions, and changes to the RPA Rules by the State Convention delegates– from a simple majority to two thirds vote.   

It is hoped that this new direction now taken by State Party leadership to deny a hearing by State Convention delegates of these timely submitted changes to our Platform, Resolutions, and Rules is not another attempt to reduce the power of the State Convention as the “final authority in all party matters.” 

This declaration of “no hearing” of timely submissions before the State Convention flies contrary to the past practices of the RPA as well as being in direct conflict with Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised regarding Conventions (RONR 58-60).    

It is our hope and recommendation that our party leaders review RONR before the State Convention and allow this timely filed Resolution to be heard and voted on by the State Convention delegates. 


The following is the timely filed Resolution submitted and currently determined by the Platform and Resolutions Committee Chair that it will not be heard by the State Convention delegates: 


Summary: The above resolution was passed as a joint resolution by the First and Second Congressional Districts earlier this year.  This Resolution was a timely submission to Steve Lux, the Platform and Resolutions Committee chair, by the chairs of both District one and District two, as individual delegates to the State Convention.      

This is a powerful resolution, and if passed, would eliminate many of the problems and disagreements which have arisen in recent years within the Republican party membership.  Many of these conflicts have arisen after decisions are made by these important committees, the members of which have conflicts through their representation of outside special interest groups, which clearly lead to the appearance that these decisions are made to advance the personal interests of these committee members and not the interests of the Republican Party.   

We whole-heartedly endorse this Resolution and cheer its passing on June 8. 

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