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State Senator Threatens Supreme Court’s Funding After Ruling

After the Arkansas Supreme Court struck Issue 1 from the ballot Thursday, State Senator Trent Garner took to Twitter to threaten the Court’s state funding. In a tweet he sent out showing his disapproval with the decision, Garner stated “The court’s decision on Issue 1 shows they fear the people having a voice in our legal system. The court chose their power over the will of the citizens. There will be consequences, starting with their budget next week.” Budget hearings are currently underway with the Arkansas General Assembly.


  1. That is his opinion and not shared by the citizens of arkansas.
    People kill people without guns. So why can’t the honest people protect them selves.
    VOTE HIM OUT !!!$

  2. I believe that as long as the Supreme Court and the legislative branches are composed of a majority of lawyers there will be NO changes in anything affecting layers income. Bet the casino issue with their generous lobby will pass.

    1. Ummmmm…… To be on the Supreme Court , one MUST be a lawyer……. and the Arkansas Legislature is not “mostly lawyers” in fact, they are proud of the fact that most are NOT lawyers and are the self-proclaimed “citizens’ legidlature”.

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