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Urgent Action Needed: Help Us Protect Health Freedom in Arkansas

The Arkansas General Assembly is scheduled to reconvene tomorrow, September 29, primarily to set the boundaries of Arkansas’ four congressional districts.

We need the Legislature to also address COVID-19 related legislation this week — specifically, to pass bills that will:

  • Prevent private employers from firing their unvaccinated employees, solely because the employee refuses to take the COVID-19 vaccination; and
  • A Health Freedom Patients’ Bill of Rights—to protect Arkansans against what appears to be forced federal rules on how to treat patients with COVID.  See

What you need to do today and tomorrow (even gather friends to call bank these legislators):

Call/text and email your personal state senator and state house member (and as many others as time will permit) and courteously tell them something like the following 5 things:

  1. Hello, my name is _____________.  I live in _______________.
  2. I am calling to ask you to pass in this session (before you adjourn) a law that will stop the employer mandated vaccinations against COVID 19.
  3. Also please pass a law that will: (state at least the first one and add any others you like including #b-#d)
    a. Recognize natural immunity as at least equal to the current vaccinations as it concerns mandates;
    b. Treatment for COVID-19 should receive as much attention as the vaccines;
    c. Rationing medication to treat the virus will not be tolerated;
    And stand up against the federal Biden mandates on businesses.
  4. Tell one line of your personal story such as (but only use a true story for you):
    “I work for Tyson and am losing my job next week if I do not get vaccinated.”“My family member works for a company who will fire them without the vaccine.”“My employer will not accept my medical condition as a reason for an exemption to the shot even when my doctor wrote me a letter.”“I know many people in other states whose legislators are passing legislation to protect their rights and how you do the same.”
  5. Tell them:  “You are our only hope in this situation against our own federal government and big corporations who have partnered with them.  Please help us.  Thank you.”


Contact your personal State Senator and State Representative and also Speaker Representative Matt Shepherd and Senate Pro temp Senator Jimmy Hickey.  

Find them one of these locations: or


To block email in blind copy the entire House:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;


To block email in blind copy the entire Senate:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;




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