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Primary Election Day in Arkansas

Arkansas’ 2022 primaries are underway! Voters will have the opportunity to cast their ballot not only for Arkansas state legislative seats, but county-level offices and anything that is partisan.

What You Need to Know:

Commerce in Action recently released their 2022 Primary Election Voters Guide. This guide includes all Arkansas State House and Senate races. View and download the voters guide here: Commerce In Action Releases Voters Guide: 2022 Primaries

Conduit News has been highlighting Republican incumbents who frequently vote contrary to conservative values and in many of those instances contrary to the Republican Party of Arkansas Platform. To read articles in this series, “Ignoring the Party Platform,” click HERE.

We have also been highlighting Republican incumbents who have an outstanding record of voting with the principles and platform of the Republican Party of Arkansas. To read more from our series, “Platform Heroes,” click HERE.

In Case You Missed It:

Common Ground Arkansas is encouraging Democrats to cross over and vote in the Republican Primary. A preliminary analysis shows many Democrats are doing so.


“Identifying a RINO Supported b Common Ground or Their Left-Wing Allies”

“Common Ground AR — The Left’s Effort to Elect RINOS”

“Choosing a Candidate When They All Use the Same Buzzwords”

“Campaign Words” Series

“Campaign Fact Check” Series


For additional information, such as voting locations across the state, status of registration, and ballot examples, visit the AR Secretary of State website here.

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