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Public School and the Left’s Battle for Your Children

Part 2 of a series on leftist indoctrination in taxpayer funded institutions.

Public School and the Left’s Battle for Your Children
Part 2 of a series on leftist indoctrination in taxpayer funded institutions.

By Conduit News Editorial Board

We told you about the plans of the Fayetteville Public Library to host a “Back to School Bash” focusing on gender identity and gender transitioning programs. The event, targeting school age children as young as middle age, was to also include a drag queen show. (See: Library Drag Event and the Left’s Battle for Your Children)

What does the Fayetteville School District have in common with the Fayetteville Public Library’s canceled gender identity event?

  • FIRST, the library’s gender identity event for children was to be supported by public school teachers who agreed to be a connection with teens concerning gender transition.
  • SECOND, the library stated it would help teens with their gender support plans;  the Fayetteville School District has such a plan in place for K-12 students.
  • THIRD, the library executive director is the spouse of a Fayetteville School District employee who aided the district in obtaining a Walton Foundation grant. This grant provided funding for the “5 Year Equity Plan” now being implemented in the district. The application for the grant included a gender component which the district has fulfilled with the Gender Identity Support Plan.

The notice for the library’s event said it would provide the teens with resources, including (1) information on how to legally change your name, (2) clothing from The Transition Closet, (3) connections with public school teachers, and (4) gender support plans.

While a public outcry resulted in the cancelation of the library event, the Fayetteville Public School District is still committed to promote gender identity and the LGBTQ+ agenda exposing children to sexual content and theories beyond their capacity to understand.

It is not about affirming lifestyles. It is about indoctrinating minors despite the wishes of their parents and guardians.

The actions of the FPSD regarding the gender equity agenda have been incorporated into the district without the knowledge and approval of parents, guardians and the district’s constituents. Requests have been made to the district for policies explaining the implementation of the Gender Identity Support Plan and its impact on students, faculty and staff. The response has been that there are no policies specific to the gender form.

In 2019, the Fayetteville Public School District submitted an application to participate in the TRUE Northwest Arkansas Train Cohort. Components of the program address both ethnic diversity and LGBTQ equity. It is clear from the excerpt below that the application was to include a gender component to include minor children. The excerpt is the school district’s response to the question on anticipated challenges to the district’s participation in the cohort:

“Some aspects of implementation may be challenging. While discussion of ethnic diversity is comfortable among most staff members, discussion regarding LGBTQ equity and inclusion is more of a challenge because it is unfamiliar. There may be a learning curve in introducing these concepts – but this is also a factor in the desire for participation in TRAIN.”

The Fayetteville School District adopted a Gender Form for grades K-12. Children are also being asked their ” preferred pronouns” on many of the student information surveys now being given our students.

The purpose of this Gender Support Plan is to create shared understandings about how the student’s authentic gender identity will be accounted for and supported at school. School staff, caregivers and the student should work together to complete this document. Ideally, each person should spend time completing the various sections to the best of his or her ability, and then meet in person to review sections and confirm shared agreements about using the plan.

You might hope the child’s parents or guardians are in control, however, it appears they have been left out of the information loop. The absence of parental knowledge and approval of this form is yet another example of the Fayetteville School District circumventing parental control and input:

Is the parent or guardian aware of the student’s gender status? (Circle) Yes or No
Level of Support for student’s gender status: (Circle) (none) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 (High)
If the support level is low, what considerations should be accounted for in implementing this plan?

If the student has asserted a degree of privacy, what steps will be taken in the event that privacy is compromised, or is believed to have been compromised?

Regardless of the wishes of the parents or guardians, the plan assigns an on-campus adult to assist. Is this assistance or is it grooming? The form says:

Who will be the student’s “go to adult” on campus?

If you are concerned about the radical left’s sexualizing children in the Fayetteville School District you should read the district’s entire Gender Support Plan form. (Click here)

* * * * * * * * * *

We want to pause here and make it clear it is not all educators who buy into the radical left agenda. Consider this quote from a Fayetteville school teacher who requested to remain anonymous because of the hostile work environment.

“I teach in Fayetteville at the High School. The rest of Arkansas is pretty conservative.  But Fayetteville is its own little island of uber liberal ideology.  The school library has the book “Gender Queer” and a parent complained to the school board.  The principal, an assistant superintendent, and the librarians met and decided the book was appropriate to keep there. The trans population at our school quadrupled this year.  I am heartbroken at what I see happening there. Of course, myself and the maybe 10 conservative teachers at the school keep our mouths shut. It’s a hostile work environment for us because 90% of the teachers are all for this kind of thing. The many good teachers who are disturbed by leftist propaganda are drowned out by their radical left colleagues.”

* * * * * * * * * *

We also must emphasize that this is not just an issue in Fayetteville. Even if you live somewhere else, your school might be involved in pushing children to select gender identity even without the school having a grant or formal program.

It is a nationwide effort by the radical left to takeover a generation of children and thereby conqueror all future generations.

While preparing this article we noticed a couple of other disturbing stories. First on Fox News the headline reads: Proposed curriculum in Wisconsin school includes gender identity, sexual orientation in elementary school. In the Wisconsin town the left even intends to start sexualizing kindergartners with gender identity materials.

Also on Fox News was a report that California legislation is being considered to allow the court to take away parental rights if the parents of the child fail to provide “gender-affirming health care.” For example a minor’s request for a double mastectomy.

We may lose this generation to the radical left. Indoctrination on gender identity and Critical Race Theory may be just the tip of the iceberg of what the left has in store for your children and grandchildren. We certainly will lose the children to the radical left if you are not willing to stand up against them.

In part 3 of this series we will explore whether parents have the right to say “no” to Fayetteville’s program on gender identity/support.

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