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Leave Walmart Out of School Choice Decisions

Walmart has been a big player in developing charter school legislation and charter schools. A charter school is another form of government school.

Now, the education focus is on whether in 2023 Arkansas will pass laws for real school choice, to allow parents, regardless of income, to choose their child’s school which, could be a government school or private school. Some misguided politicians will think Walmart should be involved in crafting school choice legislation since Walmart was involved in charter schools. NO.

For parents who want to escape leftist indoctrination that is already in some public-school districts, such as the Fayetteville School District, the very last thing they will want is for Walmart or the Walton family to be involved in drafting school choice legislation. Why? Because Walmart and the Walton Family Foundation (Walmart heirs) now stand for leftist indoctrination. If politicians bow to Walmart, get ready for Walmart to love school choice legislation to death with requirements and standards that will serve to make it hard for parents to exercise school choice to escape public school.

Here are some reminders why involvement in school choice legislation by Walmart or the Walton heirs should be a red flag.

  1. Drag shows for children. Walmart along with Tyson have funded drag shows for minors.[i]
  2. School transgender indoctrination. The Fayetteville School District’s program pushing gender identity decisions on school children and not telling parents about gender transition of their children was funded by a grant from the Walton Family Foundation.[ii]
  3. The racist Critical Race Theory. Walmart subjected many of its leading employees to indoctrination with the racist Critical Race Theory.[iii] The theory teaches one race is always the victim, another race is inherently the oppressor and should feel guilt, and that our government and its founding documents are systemically racist. Meanwhile, Arkansas legislators tried to pass legislation to kick such racist theories out of our public schools , but the Arkansas Senate was not able to overcome pressures from big woke corporations.
  4. Males in female sports, chemical castration, gender mutilation, etc. In 2021 the Arkansas General Assembly passed legislation to protect women’s sports by prohibiting genetic males from competing in women’s sports. The legislature also passed legislation to protect children from medical procedures to stop puberty or alter physical appearance for gender identity choices. Here is how Walmart saw such efforts. Doug McMillion, President and CEO at Walmart, criticized legislation he described as working against Arkansas being a welcoming place, saying, “Unfortunately, a number of bills are being considered by the legislature targeting the LGBTQ+ community are troubling and work against that goal.”[iv]
  5. Forcing doctors and nurses to violate their religious or moral beliefs. Walmart was represented in legislative hearings as being opposed to Act 462 which protects doctors, nurses, and other medical providers who want to opt out of procedures that violate their religious or moral beliefs. So, Walmart thinks it is just fine to force doctors and nurses to do procedures that violate their religious or moral beliefs.
  6. Take the jab or lose your job. Walmart (like Tyson) was among the first to terminate employees in their corporate headquarters for refusing to submit to the COVID-19 vaccine.
  7. Supporting the Democrats. In 2020, the Democrat-Gazette cited Walmart related campaign contributions as going mostly to candidates of the Democrat Party.[v]

Walmart influence may be beneficial on some economic issues, but Walmart represents the radical left when it comes to issues such as the education of your children. Parents don’t need WOKE corporations being involved in crafting school choice legislation.


[i] Walmart and Tyson were sponsors of the NWA Pride Event on June 18, 2022. The event included a “Youth Zone.” Its events for the kiddies include two DRAG SHOWS and a story time.

[ii] Public School and the Left’s Battle for Your Children by Conduit News



[v] Data shows some Walton giving leans to left, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 10/18/2020

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