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Grassroots Reject RPA Preferred List

2nd District Chair Jennifer Lancaster joins Conduit News to talk about the RNC preferred list sent to the RPA by the Trump campaign. Lancaster walks through the process and role of these RNC delegates, and why she believes this list is not representative of the Republican state party. Lancaster also has a message for those grassroots members who may feel slighted yet again.

**Trump Campaign Preferred Delegates

First District:

  1. Tony G. Rees
  2. Jamie Sims** Governor appointment – Arkansas State Board of Nursing
  3. Richard Caster
  4. Donnie Scroggins
  5. Anna Hopper
  6. Steve Hollowell** Arkansas House of Representatives (R – D37)
  7. Jack Ladyman** Arkansas House of Representatives (R-D32)
  8. Margot Herzl
  9. Kathrine Bischof

Second District:

  1. Cathy Lanier** Governor appointment – AR Governor’s Mansion Commission
  2. Leslie Rutledge** Lt. Governor
  3. Brittany Branard** Deputy Director of Public Affairs
  4. Jordan Powell** former Sanders Public Affairs Director
  5. Jamie Barker** Sanders Deputy Chief of Staff
  6. Doyle Webb** Chairman of the Arkansas Public Service Commission, former RPA Chairman, husband to AR Supreme Court Justice Barbara Webb 
  7. Gretchen Conger** Sanders Chief of Staff
  8. Heather McKim
  9. Will Rockefeller** Rockefeller Capital; Donor
  10. Jonelle Fulmer** former RPA Chair
  11. Ashley Caldwell** Wife of Chris Caldwell (consultant)
  12. Judd Deere** Sanders Deputy Chief of Staff
  13. Alexa Henning** Sanders Communications Director
  14. Lisenne Rockefeller** President and chair of the Winrock Group Inc. (Donor)
  15. Bryan Sanders** First Husband
  16. Chris Caldwell** Lobbyist, Consultant, Main campaign manager to Sarah Sanders
  17. Michael K. Moore
  18. Sarah Sanders** Arkansas Governor
  19. Becky A. McHughes
  20. Chase Dugger** Lobbyist, Consultant 
  21. Tim Griffin** Attorney General
  22. Mark Johnson** State Senator (R – D17)
  23. John Nabholz** Donor

Third District:

  1. Diana L. Wright
  2. Ross Little, Jr.
  3. Justin Boyd** State Senator (R – D27)
  4. Susan W. Gessler** 3rd District Congressional Chairman
  5. Donivan Hudgins
  6. Jana Kaye Starr
  7. Robin Lundstrum** House of Representatives (R – D18)
  8. Reta Hamilton** Benton Co. State Committeewoman
  9. Jim Dotson** State Senator (R – D34)
  10. Nancy Barnett
  11. Jonathan Harris
  12. Joseph E. Marrone
  13. June Wood** Wife of RPA Chairman Joseph wood
  14. Ginny Lauren Dowden
  15. Tom Lundstrum** Husband of Rep. Robin Lundstrum
  16. Josh Bryant** State Senator (R – D32)
  17. Julie Harris** President of NFRW
  18. David M. Wright
  19. Lance McAlindon
  20. Amy Brooker
  21. Joe M. Maynard
  22. Kim A. Maynard
  23. Brian R. Lester
  24. Kelly A. Proctor Pierce
  25. Sharon Lloyd** State President of NFRW
  26. Carrie Perrien Smith
  27. Robert Massingill, Jr.

Fourth District:

  1. Diana Harton
  2. Rena Orujova Day
  3. Shelly Craft
  4. Iverson Jackson** executive director of the Arkansas Fair Housing Commission
  5. Eddie Arnold
  6. Sharon R. Wright** former AR State Representative candidate
  7. Len Blaylock III** Bradley Co. District Chairman
  8. John Kyle Day
  9. Doug Harton
  10. Nita Crews

**Trump Campaign Preferred Delegates


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