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Republicans Don’t Criticize Republicans

by Conduit for Action

We are hearing it again, “Republicans don’t criticize Republicans. Instead, we must have unity to win.”   

The funny thing about that is, the people who say Republicans don’t criticize Republicans are usually people who are acting contrary to the party platform and who are ignoring the established rules of the party in order to get their own way. You know… establishment types who think you should be loyal to them, instead of being loyal to the principles adopted by the Republican grassroots at the State Republican Convention. 

We first wrote about this self-serving demand after Jim Hendren, who was a State Senator at the time, went to a Republican County Committee meeting in 2015 where he deflected criticism of his voting record and his legislation by trying to shame any committee member who dared criticize him, saying, “Republicans don’t criticize Republicans.” 

Most of Hendren’s anger was directed at Conduit for Action because it was Conduit who kept pointing out his voting record and then they were repeated by some members of the county committee.  

Some people bought into his baloney and thought Conduit was the devil. Still, Conduit had to stand up for conservative principles, otherwise why exist. And for that matter, if merely running as a Republican is enough, why bother having a Republican party platform or a list of principles? 

In the years following the meeting, Hendren’s record slid further and further toward the Democrat agenda and eventually he declared himself an Independent. Then, he worked with Democrats to form an organization called Common Ground, which was supported by money from Democrat contributors. Common Ground’s goal was to influence the Republican primary by promoting less Conservative candidates in the Republican primary. Fortunately, Republican voters didn’t buy it. RIP Common Ground. 

Perhaps all the harm he did to the State Senate and the Republican Party could have been avoided if fellow Republicans had stood up for their principles and held him accountable from the beginning. 

Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend – Proverbs 27:17 KJV 

In recent years it has been some of the Republican County Committees and Congressional District Committees who have been speaking up for the platform and rules. The establishment desperately wants to shut them up. But as it has been said to us, “Why would I want to be silent and just spend my time being a cheerleader for even more RINO candidates. 

Now, when the grassroots want party rules to be followed, we again hear the claim Republicans don’t criticize Republicans. 

Criticism for criticism’s sake is no good, neither is avoiding all criticism and not defending your principles for which you have worked hard. 

Sitting at home and just being sad about the weak politics in this state does no good either. If you agree with the principles and platform of the Republican Party of Arkansas, consider getting involved with your county’s Republican committee and also encouraging your elected official to be guided by the principles. Not familiar with the principles and platform? Take a look here. 

Conduit for Action is not affiliated with the Republican Party of Arkansas, but Conduit shares principles with the party. We will work for those principles even if others remain silent. 

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