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Medical Freedom! What is it? And Do We Need It in the RPA Platform?

Medical Freedom!  
What is it?  And Do We Need It in the RPA Platform?
by Brenda Vassaur Taylor, JD, LLM 


With the Covid 19 global pandemic finally “over”, who wants to have to think about “Medical Freedom” anyway?  Can’t we just move on?   

The answer is “NO!” 

Just six days ago there was a vote for a treaty, supported by the Biden Administration, which would give the World Health Organization (WHO) oversight over the health of US citizens.   

Even though this agreement, two years in the making, failed this time (and was opposed by some Republican Congressmen,iii) this fight for control over our health in the US is not over says the co-chairs of WHO’s negotiating board: 

“We will try everything — believing that anything is possible — and make this happen because the world still needs a pandemic treaty,” Ghebreyesus said, the Associated Press reported. “Because many of the challenges that caused a serious impact during COVID-19 still exist.” 

Precious Matsoso, the other co-chair of WHO’s negotiating board for the treaty, told the AP there was still a chance to reach agreement on a treaty. 

“We will make sure that this happens, because when the next pandemic hits, it will not spare us,” she said.” 

Those who don’t learn from the past are destined to repeat it….as the saying goes.   

So, what is my solution?  Learn from our experience with Covid 19 

And a good place to start defending ourselves against the control of big government overreach (local or global) over our personal health, is to say “stop” in the Republican Party Platform in our own state.  


Medical Freedom” Platform Resolution   

As a delegate to the Arkansas biennial Republican State Convention (to be held June 8 in Rogers), I have submitted a timely amendment to the platform of the RPA in support of Medical Freedom.  It may be found in full (as inserted within the current pages of the 2022 platform) at the end of this article. Just below is the “Medical Freedom” language plucked from my amendment for quicker reading: 

Though popular among conservatives, this “Medical Freedom” amendment was rejected last month by the 2024 Platform and Resolutions Committee of the RPA 

This timely filed amendment has not only been rejected, but the Party leadership has assured me that they will not allow my amendment to be heard on the floor of the Convention (citing a non-applicable Special Meeting Rule under Robert’s Rules of Order—see Conduit article.)

I am sharing this “Medical Freedom” platform amendment with you now in hopes that, if you are a delegate to the State Convention, you will read it and demand it get a hearing and in turn vote to include it in the 2024 RPA platform.  And if you are not a delegate but know Republican Party members, that you spread the word and let them know you want this included in the 2024 RPA platform.   

When our beliefs and principles are included, it makes a difference as to what later ends up as the law in our country.  

Note this fact. For over 40 years the Republican Platform included a “pro-life/anti-abortion” plank even though abortion was legal (and often encouraged) under both federal and state law.  What may we conclude?  After 50 years of legal abortions, our declared principles in support of life have won back our laws to reflect life as sacred.

In the end, standing firm on our principles and beliefs and including them for all to see within our foundational documents, (whether reflecting current law or not) sets the stage and is a positive step toward changing laws for the better.   

Keeping silent only sets the stage for others to impose their contrary beliefs upon the passive majority.


For a complete reading of my offered Platform Amendment as sent to the 2024 Platform and Resolutions Committee, as imbedded within the 2022 RPA Platform (with my added language in red font and underlined and strikethroughs being language recommended for deletion), see the following, as well as my commentary at the end on why I included “Economic Freedom” and its related principles within this amendment: 

Page 1:

Page 2:

Preamble (continued…)


Page 3 or 4: (under categories within body of document) 


Page–Next to last page before ‘Epologue:  (under categories within body of document)


NOTE:  Why is “Economic Freedom” added -and how does it relate to Medical Freedom? 

The above content makes for longer reading, but it puts my entire amendment into the context of the overall RPA Platform.  As I studied this original document, I noted that there was a missing link which connects and undergirds our individual freedoms.  That link is “economic freedom”.  It is a term which should be studied and frequently understood and used within a “free society”.    

Without understanding that the individual’s right to keep and control the fruit of his or her labor (which includes the right to “personal property” and its twin—”the right to contract”), there are no other freedoms—life or otherwise.  It is the insatiable appetite for control over the fruits of the labor of its citizens which can turn any political regimen into a monster.  During the times of the American Revolution, we understood this fact.   The fight against this appetite birthed this nation with the liberties set out in our founding documents.  We need to keep individual Economic Freedom! 

Two clarifying points: 

  • Right to Contract: Within this month the Biden Administration has single handedly, through its Department of Labor, declared illegal (effective September 4, 2024), all independent contracts between parties termed “a contract ‘not to compete.’”  Left unchallenged, this breach of economic freedom will not stop there—if we are able to stop them at all! 
  • Government Funded Economic Development: Our platform rightly states “government does not create jobs”.  “Economic development” referenced in the platform refers to government programs that have never been proven to create jobs, especially when a workforce shortage has and continues to exist in our state.  It simply uses the taxes from one company to move its employees to the new government funded competing company.   Therefore, I recommend the deletion of these contradictory statements from our Platform.   


Thank you for your time reading this article—and I ask for your support of this Platform Amendment timely offered termed “Medical and Economic Freedom.” 

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For additional information regarding Covid 19 and the WHO, watch this Tucker Carlson interview:

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