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    1 day ago

    Asa Hutchinson Joins List of 26 Governors Demanding Meeting with President Biden Over Escalating Border Crisis

    More than half of the nations’ Governors sent a letter to the White House this…
    Arkansas Politics
    5 days ago

    Law Professor Robert Steinbuch Discusses Biden Vaccine Mandate

    “I’m troubled by the Biden administration’s effort and mandate. It seems to me clear it’s…
    Education/School Choice
    5 days ago

    Fayetteville Citizen Speaks Out After Winning FOIA Lawsuit Against FPSD

    We are here because the district did not comply with the FOIA. My concern is…
    Arkansas Politics
    6 days ago

    ALERTING Pro-life and Religious Freedom Defenders

    by Conduit For Action The Conway Regional Health System (CRHS) told its employees if an…
    Bigger Government
    6 days ago

    The Plan to Escape Medical Tyranny

    Many of the people who received either one or two shots are beginning to wake…
    Arkansas Politics
    7 days ago

    More on COVID and Extended Session

    By David Ferguson The General Assembly will meet in extended session beginning September 29. I…


    Brenda Vassaur Taylor

    Brenda Vassaur Taylor


    Joe Maynard

    Joe Maynard



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