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    Legislative Report
    2 days ago

    Week 3 Legislative Report 2023

    Week 3 Summary of Conduit Bill Analysis (see Details Below):  OPPOSE  HB1189 – New Licensure…
    Taxes/Government Spending
    5 days ago

    When Will Tax Relief Be Considered?

    Some Arkansas legislators are saying the Revenue and Taxation Committees of the Arkansas Senate and…
    Arkansas Politics
    7 days ago

    Special Elections to Pass Tax Increases

    Special elections to pass tax increases The local government practice of calling special elections to…
    Legislative Report
    1 week ago

    Week 2 Legislative Report 2023

    Week 2 Summary of Conduit Bill Analysis (see Details Below): OPPOSE NONE. SUPPORT HB1045 –…
    Arkansas Politics
    2 weeks ago

    Sanders’ Executive Orders Must Be Followed Up With Strong Legislation

    In the first few days of Governor Sarah Sanders’ term of office, the Governor issued…


    Brenda Vassaur Taylor

    Brenda Vassaur Taylor


    Joe Maynard

    Joe Maynard



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