Benton County may see a potential tax increase. There will be a special election for residents of Benton County in March, the week before spring break, to vote on this matter.

Statistically speaking, special elections for increased tax burdens have a higher probability of passing than through primary or general elections. Arkansas State Sen. Dave Wallace proposed a bill to end special elections except for emergencies.

If passed, a sales tax would be levied to build a new $35 million courthouse in Benton County. The sales tax would be temporary for 4 years and 6 months. Notably, the Libertarian Party in Benton County proposed a courthouse for less than half at $15 million which met all of the needed criteria for the courthouse.

According to Joseph Bollinger, Benton County currently has $15 million in reserves.

A former candidate for Justice of the Peace in Benton County, Joseph Bollinger, spoke on the potential tax increase on Conduit News Radio. Watch here:


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