Asa’s Rules Criticized As Illegal Over-Reach

The Covid-19 rules for reopening Arkansas business is being met with push back from the Arkansas Dental Association.

Governor Asa Hutchinson administration imposed many requirements on dentists before the state will permit elective dental procedures. The association through attorney Jenny Holt Teeter sent a letter to Governor Hutchinson saying his administration’s rules  are:

unfounded, inappropriate, impractical, arbitrary, inconsistent, and vague—they have already led to confusion, frustration, and fear; they are also probably illegal.

The letter also called the rules an “illegal over-reach.”

Dentists have a lot of experience using measures to protect the public from communicable diseases. As they see it, their experience brings them into conflict with the  Hutchinson administration’s  edicts.

Our members’ dedication to the highest principles of their profession has earned Arkansas dentists a well-deserved reputation for advancing the profession, protecting individual patient safety, and safeguarding public health. For decades, Arkansas dentists have followed strict protocols to stop the spread of infectious diseases, such as the human immunodeficiency viruses, influenza, and coronaviruses, including SARS-CoV-2—the virus that causes COVID-19. Dental professionals in Arkansas have spent years developing, learning, and implementing the most up-to-date guidelines to protect their patients, their staff, and themselves.

Saying the rules cause confusion and disorder, the letter pointed out that there is nothing like these rules in the surrounding states.

To further rub salt in these wounds, please note that dentists in Arkansas’s border states Tennessee, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, and Louisiana are not required to follow anything like the vague guidelines imposed on Arkansas dentists.

Read the full letter at link below.

Dental Association Letter to Governor



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