Asa Hutchinson, Joe Biden, & China

The Trump administration has been trying to stop communist China’s efforts to influence state politicians, like Governor Asa Hutchinson.  Is it any wonder that  it was Hutchinson who became one of the first Republicans to urge President Trump to work with Joe Biden on a transition? (The Joe Biden whose family also made money from the Chinese communists.)

Months ago, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo addressed a meeting of governors, with Governor Hutchinson in attendance, and gave them examples of how communist China was using financial ties to get state and local officials and even university officials to go against the foreign policy of the United States. Yet, Hutchinson hasn’t seemed inclined to distance himself from the Chinese.

Hutchinson’s law firm still lists several Chinese companies as clients.  But according to Hutchinson, it is supposed to be all better because he is not currently drawing a check from the law firm, even though his name is being used to advertise the firm and his

The governor’s son, Asa Hutchinson III, does benefit from the  law firm’s contracts with the Chinese. When Asa III was spotted on an Arkansas taxpayer funded trade mission to China, the governor tried to explain away his law firm benefiting from the trip by saying his son paid for the trip on his own dime. (Or is it that it was paid by his Chinese clients, directly or indirectly through contracts.)

Governor Hutchinson has never backed down from his law firm benefitting from China. Nor did he say – maybe we shouldn’t be giving Arkansas taxpayer money to Chinese companies to locate in Arkansas at a time when the Chinese are working to undermine the United States.

The Trump administration has fought against the dangerous tentacles of communist Chinese influence over state officials and therefore over American foreign policy.

But a Joe Biden administration would be expected to be much more welcoming to the communist Chinese influence, which has benefited Biden’s son, Hunter.  A Biden administration would seem to be a great benefit to the Asa Hutchinson family and its financial relations with the communist Chinese too.

Is it any wonder that after fifty-three Republican Senators declined to go on “Meet the Press,” it was Governor Hutchinson who went on the program to say he expects Biden to be President and to encourage the Trump administration to work with a transition, even before election challenges are settled?


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