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Attack on Conservatives in Arkansas

RINOs within the Arkansas Republican Party claim they want to return to traditional Republican values as opposed to the agenda of “Trumpism” but their claims are only a cover for being a RINO.

A state senator RINO who left the Republican Party blames Trumpism for his departure, instead of the fact that people got sick of his years of voting like a Democrat and of his leading colleagues to the left and wouldn’t support his desire to run for governor.

Left leaning Arkansas politicians have come up with a new term for appeasement of the radical left. They call it “Common Ground.”

An Arkansas Democrat-Gazette editorial writer who decades ago served in a Republican administration would have you believe anyone who is a social conservative is a know-nothing Trumpist.

Radical leftist love seeing conservatives being attacked from within the Republican Party.

Meanwhile some Republican politicians just want conservative legislation to go away so they will not offend woke corporations like Walmart.


It is Trumpism? Have you ever looked at a definition of “Trumpism?” Check out Wikipedia’s explanation and you will see a scrambled mess of gobbledy gook consisting of crazy unfounded attacks on anyone who is conservative. The radical left can’t pin it down, they just know they don’t like you because you are conservative and they blame your conservatism on President Trump.

Most Arkansans have conservative values. Arkansans are conservative now and were conservative before Donald Trump ever ran for office.  To the frustration of the radical left and the RINOs, conservative Arkansans have yet to surrender to the agenda of the radical left.

If you are conservative, the radical left and the RINO appeasers will label you a “Trumpist,” a “deplorable,” a “know nothing,” or “hate filled.”  And when that does not shut you up, they will  label you a “fascist” and “racist.” Who knew the terms “fascist” and “racist” would be redefined to mean anyone who questions the agenda of the radical left?

President Donald Trump carried Arkansas in 2020 with 62.40% of the vote to Joe Biden’s 34.78%. Some people voted for President Trump because of his personality and some voted against him because of his personality, but mostly people voted for Trump (or against Biden) because by and large Arkansans are conservative.

Start noticing how some politicians and the media are trying to redefine what it means to be conservative or to be Republican because they want to try to convince you that you can be a conservative or Republican and still give in to the left.

Don’t be talked out of your conservative values to appease the appeasers and the radical left. It does not matter what they call you. It matters whether you stand for your conservative values or whether you silently let the radical left impose its will on you, and if you let the left do that it will be FOREVER.

Tell the RINOs and the radical left “NO THANKS!”

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