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Parents File Lawsuit Against Bentonville Public Schools

A lawsuit was filed in the Benton County Circuit Court on Wednesday, August 18, against the Bentonville Public Schools. Parents Matt Situation, Matthew Bennett and Elizabeth Bennett filed the lawsuit against Bentonville School District, Superintendent Dr. Debbie Jones, the School Board President Eric White, and School Board Members Kelly Carlson, Brent Leas, Matt Burgess, Willie Cowgur, Joe Quinn, and Jennifer Faddis.

Parents are standing up and fighting back — claiming these school boards have no authority to issue face coverings for children and that these mandates infringes upon the individual liberties guaranteed to citizens of the State of Arkansas, and moreover, the mask mandate is not based on any authority of the Arkansas Department of Health and is, therefore, unconstitutional as applied to Petitioners and their children.

Read the entire lawsuit below.



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