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Drag Show Stopped But Indoctrination Continues – Who’s in Charge?

Part 4 of a series on leftist indoctrination in taxpayer funded institutions

Drag Show Stopped But Indoctrination Continues – Who’s in Charge?

Part 4 of a series on leftist indoctrination in taxpayer funded institutions

Earlier this month parents of minors were relieved when the Fayetteville Library canceled a drag show for minors. The event, which included a dance, was designed to bring in minors as young as thirteen so they could be offered transgender resources including: 1. How to legally change your name, 2. Obtaining clothing from the “Transition Closet”,  3. Making connections with public school teachers for transgender support, and 4. Help with gender support plans, which the Fayetteville School District does routinely.

It’s not about accepting lifestyles. It’s about indoctrinating and sexualizing children.

Although the library board canceled the event, the library board has not back tracked on its support and participation in a group that pushes gender indoctrination of children. It is a member of the TRUE Northwest Arkansas Train Cohort as is the Fayetteville School District. The cohort goes under the broad banner of diversity while pushing gender identity on minors.

The canceled drag show wasn’t the first library event on gender identity for children and probably won’t be the last. Remember back in June the library held “Teen Pride Bingo” for (Grades 5–12)” which encouraged the children to “Pick up a Pride Month bingo card to earn prizes!” Everybody loves prizes.

Meanwhile the Fayetteville School District continues its gender identity questionnaires and its gender identity support plans, sometimes without parents being consulted or notified.  (Spread the word about the Arkansas law allowing parents and guardians to opt out. See article.)

With Walmart and Tyson in Fayetteville’s backyard, it is likely these woke corporations had an influence on the library and school district joining in the cohort. (Remember it was Walmart and Tyson who sponsored the June 18 Northwest Arkansas Pride event that included a Youth Zone with drag shows for minors.) It was also the Walton Foundation (Walmart heirs) who awarded the school district a grant to get involved in gender identity and gender support plan indoctrination. While some of the school board may have wanted the grant money because they want to sexualize children, other school board members who supported the program may have just thought, “Never turn down grant money, no matter what!” – even if it is the sexual grooming of children.

Who is in charge of libraries?

When did libraries decide it is necessary to go beyond their function and be an agent of the radical left?

Libraries are run by a local library board. The Fayetteville Library has a website and the current board members are listed.

But how do they get on the library board? They are appointed. The board members of a municipal library are appointed by the mayor (where there is a mayor-council form of government).  The board members of a county library are appointed by the County Judge. There are also joint libraries systems between a city and county, or between cities, or between counties.

The Fayetteville Library appears to be a joint city and county run facility. This means the Fayetteville Mayor and Washington County Judge appoint members to the library board and have the power to appoint people who will not jeopardize children with such programs.

If you are upset with library programs and materials to indoctrinate and sexualize minors, your library board needs to hear your complaint but so does the mayor or county judge (depending on how the library is organized).

Who is in charge of public schools?

When did public schools go from institutions of education to tools of the left to perpetuate left-wing indoctrination?

Each school district has an elected school board that is responsible for local school policy. The Fayetteville School District has a website and the board members are listed there. The school board members are responsible to the voters and should hear your concerns or complaints concerning school operations.

The problem is most voters pay little to no attention to school board elections. But the Left has not ignored school elections.

Too many people have bought into the idea that if you no longer have children in the school, then you shouldn’t be involved in school elections. WRONG! It is your money the school is spending and the school affects your community. You should be involved even if you have never had children and don’t plan to.

A recent election law change should help to bring more attention to about half the school board elections. Act 610 of 2021 sponsored by Senator Jason Rapert requires school elections held in even numbered years to be held either with the political primary election or the general election in November. That means more voter turnout. But because school board members have staggered terms with some being elected every year, the dates for school elections in odd numbered years will not coincide with other elections and turnout will be much less in odd numbered years.

Currently school board positions are nonpartisan but we think if they ran as Republicans and Democrats and had to run in a party primary, the public would have more information about the political leanings of the candidates and whether they want to impose leftist ideology on children.

Statewide and Local Action

There are things the Arkansas legislature can do limit the radical left’s push to sexualize children and to indoctrinate children with the racist Critical Race Theory. But, if you are not willing to get involved in your local library and school district, do you think the legislature will go against the woke mob when you are not willing to do the same? Your legislature and next governor need your support in the fight.

Going to a library board meeting or school board meeting can be a burden. But you don’t have to do it all.  Join a group of concerned parents or a moms’ group, and it will be much easier to stay informed on board meetings and to know when your presence is most needed.

What is more important than the children?

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