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Keep Parents in Dark on Transgender Steps Says School

The Fayetteville School District has been indoctrinating students on transgenderism for several years using a grant from the Walton Family Foundation (Walmart). The district is still pushing its gender identity program behind the back of parents and guardians of minors.

Here is a recent email sent by a Fayetteville School District employee to teachers instructing the teachers to refer to a particular student by a different name and gender but to keep the minor’s guardians in the dark by referring to the minor by the minor’s legal name when communicating with the minor’s guardians.

Here are five key takeaways from this Fayetteville School District email edict:

  1. The policy makes teachers refer to the minor by a made-up name, not the minor’s legal name. Do all students get to pick aliases to be used by teachers? Of course not. This option is only to promote the district’s radical transgender indoctrination push.
  2. Because of the policy of acting behind the back of parents and guardians, teachers are put in an unethical situation of having to perpetuate the secret by having to remember to use the minor’s legal name when communicating with the parent, yet in every other situation having to use the made up name approved by the school district.
  3. The school district appears to still be violating Arkansas law § 6-16-1006, which protects the rights of parents and guardians by requiring schools to inform parents and guardians of any instruction or program on gender identity and give them the opportunity to opt out their child from the instruction or program. (See Opt out of gender identity programs in school)
  4. The school district also appears to be in violation of the federal Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment (PPRA) which prohibits schools from even surveying your children with questions about sex, political beliefs, religion, family life, and other issues without providing parents an opportunity to opt-out. (See Fayetteville School Gender Identity Program Violates Federal Law?)
  5. Who is responsible for the Fayetteville School District’s lies and radical indoctrination? The school superintendent and the school board are at fault.

Even if there were no laws protecting parental rights, school officials should have the ethical standard of not going against the wishes of parents and guardians in such matters and keeping them fully informed. School officials should have the sense to not follow the radical left in indoctrinating minors on transgender sexuality and other radical leftist ideologies.

This radical policy in Fayetteville is making the school a hostile work environment for teachers who want to teach children without being coopted in the left-wing fight against parental rights.

Both teachers and parents need alternatives to government schools, alternatives which will only come about with the adoption of state policy providing real school choice for every family with children no matter the family’s income or place of residence. Real school choice is the only way to get government schools to listen to teachers and parents.

When a superintendent, such as the Fayetteville School District superintendent, expresses support for a politician or a politician bows to wishes of such superintendents, it should be a sign it is time for the politician’s career to end.

If the Arkansas School Superintendents Association, the Arkansas School Boards Association, the Arkansas Association of Education Administrators, and the Arkansas Education Association won’t stand up against the radical left and condemn such school actions and programs, then Arkansas politicians need to take a stand and quit listening to the associations on any education issue. Why? Because the associations will have shown themselves to be a foe of parents, guardians, and taxpayers and will have shown themselves to prefer radical left ideology over the education of students.

Tell your state legislators and state officeholders how you feel about the condition of education in government schools in Arkansas. Isn’t it past time for real school choice and for education bans on the overreach of government schools?

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