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Fayetteville School Gender Identity Program Violates Federal Law?

Part 5 of a series on leftist indoctrination in taxpayer funded institutions.

Fayetteville School Gender Identity Program Violates Federal Law?
Part 5 of a series on leftist indoctrination in taxpayer funded institutions.

The Fayetteville School district questions students on gender identity. The school then preparers a gender identity support plan for the minor and provides an on-campus adult for gender identity support. According to school documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) parents and guardians could be left in the dark about this indoctrination when a minor wants privacy.

Recently we alerted our readers to an Arkansas law which REQUIRES school districts to notify parents about programs such as gender identity programs and how to opt-out their child from the program. The law became effective before the 2021-2022 school year, but it doesn’t appear the school was in compliance. For more on the law and how to opt out of the school’s program see: Opt out of gender identity programs in school

Thanks to a Fox News article we have learned of a federal law that also requires schools to provide an opt-out. Continuing to violate the federal law could result in loss of federal funding.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

“First passed in 1974, the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment (PPRA) is a powerful legal tool that allows parents to review instructional materials – including curriculum and teacher trainings – without requiring payment. 

To utilize this law, all it takes is sending a simple letter or email to your school district asking to conduct a PPRA inspection of instructional materials used as part of your child’s education. A sample of this letter can be found in America First Legal’s PPRA toolkit.

The PPRA also prohibits schools from surveying your children with questions about sex, political beliefs, religion, family life, and other issues without providing parents an opportunity to opt-out.

If children are surveyed on these issues without parental notification, or if a school refuses to let you inspect your school’s instructional materials, you can file a PPRA complaint with the United States Department of Education. If the department refuses or fails to act, you can sue the department, file an administrative petition with the department asking to stop funding the offending school, write a letter to your senator or member of Congress, or as (sic) your state’s attorney general to investigate.” (emphasis added)

While the Walton Foundation (WALMART) funded the gender identity indoctrination of minors at the Fayetteville School District, federal funding could be in jeopardy if the school fails to notify parents and guardians of their right to opt-out their child.

To read the full Fox News article click here. The article includes links to resources.

If your school uses a gender identity questionnaire or has such a program, and the school denies you the right to opt-out your child please let Conduit News know, AND inform your US Senator, Congressman, State Senator, and State Representative and ask them to investigate the school and take appropriate action.

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