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AR GOP County Committees Pass Resolution to Defend FOIA

Recently, the Greene County Republican Committee adopted a resolution to defend the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act. County Chair Kathrine Bischof shares why this particular resolution was important to the constituents in her county and what type of message this resolution sends to their elected officials.

Greene County Republican Committee Resolution to Defend FOIA

The Saline County Republican Committee also passed a resolution to defend FOIA. The County Committee posted this statement on their Facebook page: “At our October meeting, SCRC passed a resolution defending citizens’ rights under the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act and requesting no further weakening of the Act. The resolution was adopted without a single objection.

Saline County Republican Committee Resolution to Defend FOIA


Bischof also provides details about their upcoming Lincoln Day Dinner with special guest, Seth Dillon, CEO of The Babylon Bee. The dinner is Saturday, Oct. 21st and tickets are now on sale here.

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