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Elections and Bottom Ranked Legislators

The period for filing as a political party candidate for the Arkansas House of Representatives and the Arkansas Senate has begun and will continue until Tuesday, November 14, 2023, at noon. All 100 seats in the Arkansas House of Representatives are up for election. Half of the seats in the Arkansas Senate are up for election.

After each regular session of the Arkansas General Assembly, Conduit for Commerce issues a scorecard on how well or how poorly each Representative and each Senator scored on economic freedom issues. You may obtain a free copy of the Arkansas Legislative Scorecard 2023 through this link.

The rankings of legislators are calculated by examining important legislation using the Conduit for Commerce Economic Freedom Filter.  The Economic Freedom Filter asks these four questions. Does the legislation:

  1. Increase or decrease the size and scope of government?
  2. Increase or decrease dependency on government?
  3. Spend money we do not have?
  4. Increase or decrease transparency in government?

With only one exception, Democrats scored lower than all the Republicans. The one exception is in the House of Representatives where Speaker Matthew Shepherd scored lower than any other Representative. His low score is based on him not voting on many issues. Speakers of the House have hidden behind a House Rule which says the Speaker doesn’t have to vote. It is a poor excuse and Speakers vote anytime they choose.

We were asked which Republicans were at the bottom of the barrel on the 2023 scorecard when compared only to their Republican colleagues.

Bottom 10 Republicans in the Arkansas House of Representatives (Ranked out of 100)

Rank      Name                   District

88           Rep. Shad Pearce (Dist. 40)
72           Rep Jack Ladyman (Dist. 32)
72           Rep Les D. Eaves (Dist. 58)
72           Rep Kedra Moore (Dist. 23)
72           Rep Stephen Meeks (Dist. 42)
76           Rep Danny Watson (Dist. 88)
76           Rep Les Warren (Dist. 84)
78           Rep Carol Dalby (Dist. 100)
79           Rep Bruce Cozart (Dist. 91)
100        Rep Mathew Shephard (Dist. 97)


Bottom 5 Republicans in the Arkansas Senate (Ranked out of 35)

Rank      Name                                  District

24           Sen. Jane English              (Dist. 13)
24           Sen. Kim Hammer            (Dist. 16)
27           *Sen. Jimmy Hickey Jr.    (Dist. 4)
28           Sen. Ronald Caldwell      (Dist. 10)
28           Sen. Bryan King                 (Dist. 28)

NOTE: Of the bottom 5 only Senator Hickey is up for reelection

Who are the Senators who are up for reelection?

Sen. Jim Dotson (R)                         (Dist. 34)
Sen. Matt McKee (R)                       (Dist. 6)
Sen. Mark Johnson (R)                   (Dist. 17)
Sen. John Payton (R)                       (Dist. 22)
Sen. Dan Sullivan (R)                       (Dist. 20)
Sen. Ben Gilmore (R)                      (Dist. 1)
Sen. Gary Stubblefield (R)             (Dist. 26)
Sen. Bart Hester (R)                        (Dist. 33)
Sen. Scott Flippo (R)                        (Dist. 23)
Sen. Terry Rice (R)                           (Dist. 5)
Sen. Steve Crowell (R)                    (Dist. 3)
Sen. Jim Petty (R)                             (Dist. 29)
Sen. Dave Wallace (R)                    (Dist. 19)
Sen. Breanne Davis (R)                   (Dist. 25)
Sen. Jonathan Dismang (R)           (Dist. 18)
Sen. Jimmy Hickey Jr. (R)               (Dist. 4)
Sen. *Linda Chesterfield (D)         (Dist. 12)
Sen. Stephanie Flowers (D)           (Dist. 8)

NOTE: Senator Chesterfield announced she is not running for reelection.
NOTE: See Scorecard for rankings.

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