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RPA Call to State Meeting and Proposed Rules Changes

Would these latest proposed rules changes take even more power away from the local Republican county committees?

The Republican Party of Arkansas recently emailed the official call to the State Committee meeting happening on Saturday, May 18, 2024. The call to meeting, which was sent out 107 days before the meeting, provides details on the formal call, minutes from the last state committee meeting, and proposed rules changes.

One of the proposed rules changes would prohibit Republican county committees from passing “do not recommend” resolutions in primary elections on the state level.

Jennifer Lancaster, 2nd District Congressional Chairman, shares her thoughts and concerns over the call and proposed rules changes as well as the recent 2024 RPA Standing Committee Appointments.

Proposed Rules Changes

2024 RPA Rules Committee

Bilenda Harris-Ritter, Chairman

-former Platform Chairman, Deputy General Counsel

1) Ronni Schwantz

-Lee County Chairman

1) Linda Nosler

-Monroe County Chairman

2) Chase Dugger

-former RPA Executive Director

2) John Nabholz

-former Finance Chairman, Deputy Treasurer

3) John Hendrick

-former Crawford County Chairman

3) Brian Lester

-Washington County Chairman

4) David Singer

-Jefferson County Chairman

4) Aaron Chastain

-Logan County Chairman


A.J. Kelly, General Counsel

-former 2nd District Chairman

2024 RPA Platform and Resolutions Committee

Steve Lux, Chairman

-former RPA Rules Chairman, 2x County Chairman

1) Blake Johnson

-Senate Majority Leader

1) Wayne Croom

-Crittenden County Chairman

1) Cody Smith

-Independence County Chairman

2) Jamie Barker

-former RPA Political Director

2) Sheila Beck

-former Conway County Chairman, 2nd District Chairman

2) Jonelle Fulmer

-former RPA Chairman

3) Octavio Sanchez

-3rd District Minority Rep. to State Committee

3) Leon Caster

-Benton County State Committeeman

3) Nesa Bishop

-RPA Deputy Secretary

4) Marcus Richmond

-House Majority Leader

4) Steven Houserman

-former RPA Communications Director

4) Robin Hughes

-former Ouachita County Chairman


2023 RPA Winter SCM Minutes

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