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Misleading Campaign Words



by Conduit for Action

The campaign season is upon us again. In Arkansas, the 2024 Republican and Democrat preferential primaries will be on  March 5th and early voting begins February 20th.

Most of the attention is on the presidential race, but there are several State Senate and House of Representative primary races to watch, one Republican congressional primary race, and a few more interesting races, including some judicial and local races.

We noticed that in each election, several campaign words and phrases keep coming up. They sound good but tend to be misleading because what you think it means and what the candidate means may be two different things. Some candidates will use the words and phrases to fool you, but others use the catch phrases because they have to put their message into sound bites and end up using vague words.

Here is our list of the TOP FIVE misleading campaign words and phrases frequently used. Click on the links to read why we included them on our list two years ago.

  1. I support “Arkansas Values.”
  2. I will work for “Common sense solutions.”
  3. I “Support Small Business
  4. I “Balanced the State Budget.”
  5. I will “Protect Freedom.”

When you hear these campaign phrases, you need to ask questions to find out what is really meant.


Here are five more campaign words and phrases we wrote about two years ago. You may find them of interest.

  1. I “Cut Taxes.”
  2. I have to be “Pragmatic” to make progress.
  3. I’m for “School Choice.”
  4. I have been “Endorsed by the Chamber of Commerce.”
  5. He’s one of those “Conduit Candidates.”

Be informed and vote!

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