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Non-Recommended Rule Change: Closed Primaries

What is a closed primary and why do we need it?

What is a closed primary?  A closed primary is a system in which voters may only vote in the primary elections for the party they are affiliated with. This is very important because with open primaries, which we currently have in Arkansas, Democrats can (and do) cross over and vote in the Republican party primary elections, to get a more moderate candidate elected. 

We saw this with the leaked memo from the Nikki Haley campaign in which her campaign revealed that they needed Democrat support in open primary states in order to increase her chances of winning. This is a tactic used in red states such as Arkansas. We can brag all day long about being a red state, however, if we allow Democrats to vote in our primaries, we will continue to be stuck with “moderate” Republicans-those who continually vote with Democrats on various issues.   

In fact, the Texas GOP recently recognized this threat and closed their party primaries to Democrat influence. Arkansas needs to follow suit. In addition, our party platform states that “In order to ensure the integrity of the preferential primary election process, Arkansas Republicans support closed primaries in our state.” One might ask him or herself why then, would some Republicans bristle at the words “closed primaries,” when our platform very clearly states that as a party, we support closed primaries. The answer lies in the above paragraph. 

If you are tired of having elected government officials who vote against our party platform and principles, vote to give your tax dollars to Ukraine and illegal aliens, vote to allow your government to spy on you without a warrant-keep allowing open primaries so your elected can continue to vote with Democrats… if you want Republicans to be allowed to elect Conservative representatives at all levels of government, please support closed primaries. 

Proposed Rule Change submission and article written by Lorri Justice

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