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An Open Letter to All Legislators

From an active and concerned voter

Dear Legislators:

It is with GREAT concern that we write once again concerning election integrity and the bills up for discussion next week!

HB1517 & SB217

We thought this was off the table after Representative Boyd withdrew his bill a few weeks ago.
Sadly, here we are again objecting to this same issue!    Have we not learned any lessons from the chaos of the recent past and ongoing suspicion, chaos and litigation?
Americans — Arkansans have diminishing confidence in our elected officials and election systems!!

We vehemently object to online voter registration and any other shenanigans that even sniff of voter vulnerability, fraud and hacking our system!!
We vehemently object to late ballot submission or curing ballots over the phone!  No one boards an airplane without a photo ID for goodness sakes!
This is unconscionable for free and fair election integrity!
What are the authors of these bills thinking?   Have they lost their minds?
Who of our legislators can be trusted to represent the interests of the electorate on ALL conservative matters of truth and integrity?
Informed and reasonable Americans of any ethnicity have NO objections to ID voter registration and voting with certified photo IDs and stringent requirements.
It’s only reasonable to guarantee the integrity of the system! It’s a historical precedent not to be revised or improved upon, please!

You people did a FABULOUS job on the Abortion, Gender and Sports issues!   Thank you for standing firm and representing us well!
You MUST once again vote AGAINST these bills and preserve the integrity of Arkansas elections!  We are watching and holding you accountable!
We are in communication with multitudes of voters and NO ONE, NO ONE is in favor of these types of election revision shenanigans!

Call us ‘old school’ but we and multitudes of voters are strongly in favor of the traditional AMERICAN way to guarantee free and fair elections, eliminating any possibility for fraud, hacking or interference!   We MUST restore confidence in government and  the electoral system or our American will be no longer!  Sadly, it may be too late no matter what!

1.  In Person Voter Registration ONLY
2.  In person voting with photo ID
3.  Mail in ballots by qualified voters ONLY
4.  NO mass mail out ballots
5.  NO machine voting to prevent hacking and interference— no internet connections for interference (no brainer!)
6.  Hand counting ballots with qualified supervision
7.  Voting day is voting day……no extensions; ballots counted same day as voting until they are ALL counted and complete

We along with a multitude of other informed voters are watching and waiting to see how well our elected legislators represent the conservative platforms by which they were elected and vote accordingly!  Thank you for standing firm on on the above listed issues.   We expect you to do likewise on these two upcoming bills next week!

On another note, we are EXTREMELY dismayed with our Governor’s veto of the Gender bill!  It is our strong suspicion that he caved to corporate and outside pressure!
He certainly has been humiliated on national television by multiple outlets with his flimsy excuses!
It confirms what many of us have suspected!    His reasoning was hyper political and not representative of the Arkansas electorate.
It was embarrassing on a national scale! Please don’t join him and wreck Arkansas election integrity and security!

Information is power for the electorate on all issues these days.
Make no mistake, we are becoming a more informed electorate as we watch the shocking things that are happening in our culture. We have been badly burned!
It’s nothing less than a destruction of America as we know it!  Please don’t participate by abandoning our conservative platforms!
Our country is in a cultural death spiral.  Please do your part to responsibly stop the downward spiral!

With respect and appreciation plus hope that YOU WILL DO THE RIGHT THING on this and all other conservative concerns!

Dr. and Mrs. T. Stephen (Jan) Shaddox




Capitol Update: Wednesday April 7th, 2021

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