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Say NO to Mask Mandates!

The left has started yet another campaign to mask us all again! Contact your legislators NOW and tell them NO to mask mandates!

They want to make sure children are masked for school in the fall. We have the right to make our own choices about our health and our children’s health.

Senator Garner filed and passed a bill this session that prohibits any new mask mandates and the left wants the legislature to be called back into session to do away with this protection. Contact them NOW and tell them NO!

Tell Governor Asa Hutchinson NO to mask mandates!! 



Tell these legislative leaders NO to calling everyone back into session to take away our freedoms!

House Speaker: Matthew Shephard [email protected]  870-862-2087

Senate President: Jimmy Hickey [email protected] 870-772-4444



Please contact your legislator and the PHC members immediately.  The following are the Public Health Committee members:

Jack Ladyman Deborah Ferguson Fred Allen Mary Bentley Justin Boyd Joe Cloud Bruce Coleman Marsh Davis Jim Dotson Jon S. Eubanks Justin Gonzales Michelle Gray Stephen Magie Josh Miller John Payton Clint Penzo Mark Perry Aaron Pilkington Jeff Wardlaw Carlton Wing

Find your legislator here!



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