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Promoting Election Chaos: SB217

States like Georgia and Texas have seen the chaos and uncertainty of bad election laws and are responding to restore confidence in elections. Yet, in Arkansas four Republican Senators helped advance a Democrat sponsored bill that would move Arkansas toward the election chaos Georgia and Texas are trying to avoid.

The legislation is SB217 by Senator Clarke Tucker (D-Little Rock). These Republicans Senators helped liberal Tucker to pass the bill in committee and helped send it to the Senate floor: Senators  Cecile Bledsoe,  Breanne Davis, Jane English, and Bart Hester.

What are some of the concerns being addressed in states like Georgia and Texas? Absentee voting has been the greatest concern. When the law fails to require confirmation of the absentee voter, how do you know who is voting. When officials adopt a blanket policy to mail out absentee ballots to everyone the uncertainty is compounded with not only questions on who is actually casting the ballot but also whether someone voted absentee and also in person. More confusion occurs when officials declare extra periods of time to vote in certain precincts without standards to guide them. And, then add on top of those problems the uncertainty and opportunities for fraud when votes are allowed to be received along after an election is thought to be over.

Georgia has been punished by the radical left for its new law to protect the integrity of its elections. Leftist run corporations have led the charge against Georgia. Apparently a voting requirement is tantamount to voter suppression and “racist.” Apparently in the “new normal” anything the radical left does not like must be “racist.”

Georgia is standing strong for its new law and similar legislation in Texas is advancing through the legislature. Yet SB217 would move Arkansas in the opposite direction. SB217 would move Arkansas elections toward chaos.

Why the Arkansas bill SB217 is so Bad:

  1. Throws Integrity Standards Out the Window – MORE VOTER FRAUD POTENTIAL. This bill changes election laws related to absentee ballots to increase the opportunity for election fraud and stealing elections.
  2. Late Delivery of Absentee Ballots Allowed. Would allow for absentee ballots to be accepted 10 days after the election. Currently these are due by the closing of polls on election day.
  3. “Curing” of Provisional Ballots. It would extend the time a person can “cure” and make valid their provisional ballot. Currently a ballot must be cured by the Monday after an election, but the bill seeks to extend this to the day of the certification.
  4. “Curing” of Provisional Ballots by Phone. The bill also allows for people to cure a ballot by phone, with no safeguards to ensure voter integrity other than someone calling in to cure a ballot. This opens the doors for activists to work with people to cure their otherwise uncountable ballot.  Notices would be sent to encourage people to cure their ballots rather than the responsibility falling on the individual to follow through and cure their ballot, if possible.
  5. Broad Rule Making Authority over Handling Absentee Ballots. The bill also allows broad rule making authority to the state board of election commissioners (politically motivated individuals), including rules over the storage and labeling of ballot boxes.

SB217 is truly a bad bill and must be stopped. The opportunity is on the Senate Floor.

Contact your Senator and ask them to vote “NO” on SB217 – the Voter Fraud Bill!





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