Conduit News published late last night a shocking video showing Democrat State Representative Greg Leding assaulting his opponent for State Senate, Republican Dawn Clemence. Now both candidates and the Arkansas Republican Party have issued responses to Leding’s assault on Clemence.

Republican State Senate Candidate Dawn Clemence Response:

“Last night, at the conclusion of a debate on the University of Arkansas campus, my opponent resulted to vulgar and intimidating threats of which I do have from his own Facebook Live feed last night, along with the audio.  As a conservative woman, and candidate for the Arkansas Senate, I will not stand for this, and I refuse to be intimidated by my opponent. Unfortunately, Representative Greg Leding has chosen to take the lowly road.

Unlike Rep. Leding, I will continue to treat my opponent with dignity and respect, because it is our jobs as public servants to set the example. I will treat all of my constituents in a dignified way, as not to desecrate the office to which we seek. A person’s political affiliation or way they vote has no bearing on the need for respect.

Furthermore, I think all women should be believed, including this conservative woman. When you encroached on my personal space, pointed your finger in my face, and placed your hands on me, you demeaned the office you currently hold and the one in which you seek.

I am aware that you issued a statement that I was talking to you and you were apologizing to me. That is bold faced lie.  Unprovoked, you were pointing your finger and yelling at me, using vulgar language, intimidating me, blocking me and threatening me.  You choose to act this way, and it shows everyone  in this district that when somebody disagrees with you, your response  is to attack, and not to listen. You are not interested in finding a solution once you engage in such a manner. That is unacceptable.

I do in fact have questions for you about your half-hearted, lukewarm apology. What exactly are you sorry for you?   Are you sorry for attacking me verbally with vulgar comments? Are you sorry for pointing your finger in my face and yelling and using the F-word? Are you sorry for jumping onto the stage, staring me down, bowing up in my face, are you sorry for threatening me and blocking me from leaving?  Are you sorry for driving me back, invading my space?  Are you sorry for raising your hand to my face and threatening me by grabbing my shoulder?  Or are you sorry you got caught on your own Facebook Live feed last night intimidating a conservative woman?

The bottom line is that everyone now knows that you will resort to intimidation and threatening behavior when someone disagrees with you. Would you treat me the same way if I was man?  Are you simply unable to work with those that you disagree with? Is this any indication as to  why your record in the house for 8 years is a failing 30%?”

UPDATE: Dawn Clemence has released her hand written account of the assault on her by her opponent Democrat Greg Leding. Here is a picture of what was said in the altercation:

Democrat State Senate Candidate Greg Leding’s Response:

The Republican Party of Arkansas issued a statement on Twitter:

Executive Director Sarah Jo Reynolds of the Republican Party of Arkansas recorded a video calling on Leding to apologize.

Numerous elected officials have responded on social media denouncing Leding’s assault and offering support for Dawn Clemence including U.S. Senator Tom Cotton and Lt. Governor Tim Griffin.



One thought on “UPDATE: Responses to Greg Leding’s Assault on Opponent Dawn Clemence

  • October 28, 2018 at 6:12 am

    I am not surprised to see a Democratic official acting in this aggressive, bulling manner, especially toward a woman. We can certainly tell that this type of behavior is normal for Leding because it comes to him so casually. He was not acting for cameras as we normally see in debates, he had totally lost touch with his surroundings. I have lived for a long time and I have never been so shocked at the lack of civility in America. This lack of civility is daily being sponsored and even pushed by the Democrats and the five news media: NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, and MSNBC who cannot accept that their polls and broadcasting were and continue to be so wrong concerning conservative Americans. They can call us names and berate us, but we will continue to stand up as did Dawn Clemence when confronted by an apparent BULLY, (Greg Leding). I read recently that “… we cannot expect to enjoy civil liberties when we have no civility…”


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